Be Swiss-Like

A day passed and it was only yesterday when I remembered that my life as a blogger turned four years old on August 29, Friday. 

So what made me forget celebrating it exclusively unlike last year (see post at
From 10:00 am until 1:00 pm I was very busy encoding my students’ midterm grades in the prism at the Education Department after encountering the online prism bugs at home the night before, which gave me a very short sleeping time.
Right after posting the grades, I hurriedly ate my lunch brunch at 1:30 pm to be ready for the 2:00 pm fashion show rehearsal of my frosh. I was requested by the over-all coordinator of the CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) Filipino program to supervise the participants. I couldn’t say “No” having handled the segment in this culminating activity last year. 
Done at last!
Done at last!
With our new breed of models
With our new breed of models
No trace of having a short sleep
No trace of having a short sleep
Finishing these two responsibilities sucked my energy for the day, thus while I was driving home, my eyelids began drooping. I had to squeeze them to awake myself before regretting another road mishap. The comfort of my bed was what I immediately sought upon arriving home. It did not take long before I released a lot of zzzzzzzz’s. A good sleep was what I badly needed to replenish my sapped human power. When I woke up around 6:00 pm, my memory chip was not still functioning much as regards my fourth  year anniversary in the blogosphere. 
But yesterday morning my memory was back to normal operation. I woke up early to attend my younger twin son’s welcome from his three-day retreat and the Eucharistic Celebration with the other retreatants and parents in San Beda.
With my memory working in full blast,  I already decided to have a simple lunch with my boys afterwards. It would be another opportunity to bond with them and the chance to celebrate my “blogging birthday” belatedly. I knew beforehand that my lunch date would only be Arthur (the older twin) and Lancelot, my youngest. My son Alexander would be attending a close friend’s birthday party after the Mass. 
Fetching my two companions who played basketball at Classic Homes court while I was in San Beda, I had no doubt that the diner I had in mind would be the perfect destination for us three. Just like our late discovery of Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, our experience in this resto had a slight similarity to it. 


We have been passing by The Swiss Deli Restaurant for the past five years, but it was only I who became very much interested  in trying the dishes here since I am a certified sausage lover. To add, the mere sight of that white cross reminded me at once of one of my tv crushes, Richard Dean Anderson, in my heydays.  He popularized the use of the Swiss knife in his “MacGyver” tv series which became an evening date with my family in the 90’s. Partly,  my decision to have a try of this restaurant  was influenced by someone, who had highly vouched for the mouthwatering and affordable classic Swiss dishes in this food joint whose first branch is in Davao City.
Their wall of fame says it all.
Their wall of fame says it all.
The Swiss Deli is not as spacious as the other diners that I have entered along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, Parañaque City. But seeing the tables which were marked “RESERVED,” I deduced that it is usually filled up with customers fast. In fact, the spot to which we were directed to was one of the last three available tables that Sunday.  


Once seated, the three of us excitedly opened the menu books. With the new list of appetizing foods in front of us, it took us awhile to decide on our order. My two sons picked theirs ahead of mine.  I had to sort of interview the waiter about their bestsellers to be partly influenced in my choice. Then, I settled on this salmon recipe.  Knight, my youngest son, opined that it seems salmon has now become a favorite of mine. I agreed with him via a thumbs-up. 
When the waiter left,  I immediately stood up from my chair and began touring the small area. 







A non-fan of cheese, I did not dwell long near the big freezer containing varieties of this dairy product. Alien-sounding name merchandise from different countries were also for sale. The sausages looked the same to me but I wondered what their taste is. This is the reason why I personally picked Wurstplatte or sausage platter to end my being a curious pussy cat.


Our beverages were served first after waiting for around 10 minutes. 
The recommended basil lemonade for me
The recommended basil lemonade for me
Watermelon shake for Lancelot
Watermelon shake for Lancelot
Four seasons for Arthur
Four seasons for Arthur
Waiting for another 10 minutes, I could already feel the soft murmur of my stomach. Then, our individual food choice came one after the other. 
Knight's carbonara
Knight’s carbonara
Lachs or salmon, served with spatzle and white wine sauce, for me
Lachs or salmon, served with spatzle and white wine sauce, for me
Arthur's cheeseburger
Arthur’s cheeseburger

The three of us silently ate and allowed ourselves to be lost in whatever taste, palatable or not, our respective orders had.

We were all famish. My two sons’ hunger could be attributed to their playing basketball for two hours, while in my case, it’s simply my skipping breakfast. When we lifted our bowed heads, we exchanged satisfactory smiles to one another. They were a silent unanimous positive evaluation on the food which we just took in. 


“Dessert?” I queried. 
Arthur’s and Lancelot’s  affirmative response made me ask for the menu book again. I spotted what we would have for sharing. 
Yummy apple strudel
Yummy apple strudel
This yummy apple strudel was our capper in the  Swiss Deli. 
When the different dins inside began to build up, I took it as a signal to leave the place. As we entered our vehicle, I didn’t have to ask my sons whether they would still want to go back and be Swiss-like. The meaningful smiles from them were enough to remind me to schedule our next visit there. Hahahaha…
And what about me, the WJ? Would I need a lot of prodding to be at this diner’s doorstep again? Their dishes made me curioser and curioser…
Turning Swiss for a day
Turning Swiss for a day
As to their basil lemonade, I have to be straightforward and objective in rating it as just second to Mama Lou’s  very own houseblend tea. 

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