The “K” That Made My Day

Kokeshi collecting in. Blogging in. Road running out.

This is my present status now. 
With the unpleasant turn-out of events that are associated with running, I had to find a way to divert my focus from one of the things that I love doing most (oh well, “used to” is the apt verb). Nowadays, it seems I could no longer bear to run. Feels like that in every stride that I do, I subject myself to harrowing memories. 
Initially, I decided  to expunge two of these passions, running and blogging, from my life until I finally had to make a choice. I opted to salvage my blogging, having effectively served as a soapbox and avenue for my moments of cleansing. This is my display of true loyalty to WJ. 
Yesterday, I beat the temptation of having a siesta lest it became a weight-inducing session once more. Instead of letting myself do mental wandering, I decided to do physical wandering. I literally walked from one Japan surplus store to another somewhere in Molino, Cavite just to hunt for these wooden dolls which have been a source of my simple joys. 


Hard work + haggling skills yielded to this great finds (and increase in my kokeshi population)! I got them for only Php 370 ($ 8.14) which is equivalent to the price of only one kokeshi in the very first store I went to (See related story at I guess, the two owners were unaware of the real price of these collector’s items in the market. 
This first batch from the first shop I entered was only worth Php 120 ($ 2.65). If I had bought this from the surplus store near Southmall, Manila I am sure that the total price would range from Php 400 – Php 600 ($  8.80 – $ 13.20) all in all. 


Now, the second store which I reached by walking a kilometer was all worth the sweat! I got all these kokeshi for Php 250 ($ 5.50) which can be originally priced at Php 2,150 ($ 47)! 



I was silently celebrating when I went out of the store while doing quick steps to leave the place at once for fear that the owner would realize that they were shortchanged. Ha-ha!

Well, they are the businessmen. Not me. I am just a kokeshi collector wishing for the cheapest price for a good buy. 



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