An Ethnic Paradise

This is how the Nurture Wellness Village appeared to me the day I set foot on it on July 18.

A well-researched and planned second belated surprise graduation gift (the first would be revealed in a separate post) from my vacationing husband, it was meticulously picked to please me right away. 
From our adventurous 20- to 25-minute trip from Summit Ridge Hotel, where we were billeted for an overnight stay in Tagaytay City, I knew something more exciting was coming as we followed the signage going to the place.

20150718_172853 20150718_173043 20150718_173129

Larry, an ever reliable navigator and cool driver, did not show any sign of stress in the course of our para-labyrinth journey. The sight of the main gate had my youngest son and me cheering my husband for his success. 

20150718_173230 20150718_17323420150718_173237

The facade of the establishment was all I had to see to be smitten by the place. Its indigenous appeal was all over the place and it titillated me at once. 

20150718_175349 20150718_173541 20150718_173825 20150718_173844 20150718_175724 20150718_175735 20150718_17580520150718_180100

My happiness was reflected in my husband’s eyes when he verbally expressed his satisfaction of doing the right decision of bringing me there. We just had to stand by though for the spa and massage service to be delivered to finalize our first impression.
Unfortunately, all the therapists were already engaged and we could no longer be accommodated since the day’s quota for the number of clients was already reached. So, we were advised to pick the kind of service that we would opt for, fill out the reservation form for the next day, and pay the booking fee.
My husband and I didn’t show any disappointment. The fact that we would already have a reserved slot for their opening the next day had us taking our time and having fun looking at their massage menu book which was labeled using the Filipino terminologies. 


Now, guess which two treatments we have decided to avail of?
The answer is definitely a no brainer. Hahahaha…


Our failure to have the massage service that Saturday did not spoil our afternoon. The three of us decided to explore half of the village before unanimously agreeing to have a taste of their organic dishes.
Unluckily, my being too engrossed with the earthly beauty around us made me forget to take a photo of the pumpkin soup, nurture green salad, their own version of a burger, and the three yummy smoothies we respectively ordered. Surely, this won’t slip my mind the next time we eat our meal there. 
We left the village as the night began to creep in. It was a wrong move because we followed a different exit road which brought us farther from the hotel and had us experiencing traffic along our way. Well, I was not on the driver’s seat which gave me time to enjoy the ride. 
Early morning of Sunday our family room was already buzzing. We had to take our breakfast early so that my husband and I would have time to digest whatever food we’d take before proceeding to the Nurture Village for our 9:30 am reservation. Lancelot was again in tow and the twins chose to be left behind. After giving them instructions the three of us took off. 
Our trip was shorter this time. I think we reached the place after a 15-minute drive, making us earlier by 10 minutes. There was already a client waiting at the receiving area when we arrived. A female receptionist, garbed in that lovely long tunic-blouse, warmly welcomed us. Upon confirming our reservation, she informed us that the room was already being prepared. This piece of information was relayed after offering us this lemon grass tea. 

20150719_092654 20150719_092333

Our remaining minutes of waiting did not keep me idle and impatient. I resumed my discovery of this paradise.
20150719_092930 20150719_092857 20150719_092921
I was already drowning myself in the different flora species when I heard my husband’s voice calling for me. It heralded the readiness of our therapists. 
We were ushered by one of our therapists, who looked so professional in her ethnic-designed green scrub. A self-proclaimed spaholic, I became more curious to experience her expertise. 

20150719_093837 20150719_093858

I released a string of “wow’s” and my eyes became dilated as we passed by small houses with thatched roofs akin to Ifugao houses that were painted in white. The ethnic architectural design overwhelmed me. The scenery seemed to come alive from a postcard. 


Impressing Larry and me more was the interior of the reserved Ifugao-inspired hut. 

20150719_094010 20150719_094023

We both uttered our satisfaction and readied ourselves for our main business there. 
Each of us was handed a white sarong, which became consistent with the owner’s love of his roots. Once we were wrapped on it, the two therapists entered the room.
The initial part of the massage seemed like a ritual to me. Our feet were washed on a shallow pot with herbs. Jean, my masseuse, was the one explaining the contents and effect of the concoction. How I wished I could have recorded it! It was my first to be treated as a mountain goddess. Hahahaha… 
Our treatment, Kakisigan and Kagandahan, was for two hours. It was split between an hour’s body massage and an hour’s facial spa. I waited silently for their signature massage which I later on analyzed as having a similarity with swedish massage. What made this massage unique was their use of hot sand bags which relieved my tensed muscles the moment the therapist rubbed them on my back. The contact seemed to release whatever cooped up coldness I had in my body. 
Then, the facial spa began. What was interesting with this part of the beauty treatment was their utilizing all natural products. They used pure honey for cleansing, almond and yogurt for exfoliating, cucumber slices for masking (this cooled my face for 20 minutes!), and Ilog Maria royal jelly facial oil for moisturizing (a locally-made moisturizer at a farm in Silang, Cavite). While the therapist explained the effect of each application on my face, I was wondering if the effect on me would really be convincing. Hehehe…
The treatment lasted at 10:45 a.m. which was punctuated with another kind of tea — basil tea.
Afterwards, we had the opportunity to ask some queries to Jean, who was more conversational than the therapist assigned to my husband, and request her to document our being Kagitingan at Kagandahan


Then, we indulged ourselves in more photo shoots on our return to the receiving area and settle our balance.  

20150719_115848 20150719_115902



Did the comfort of touch therapy work its magic on me? No doubt about it. 
This picture says it all!


The pampering which I received from the well-trained therapist plus the tranquility provided by the lush tropical vegetation had us planning a longer stay in the village in the future.

Truly, the power of touch and the therapeutic effect of Mother Nature will always be unquestionable in their enormous potency. 


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