When the Royalties Feel Like a Sicilian Family

Pasta lovers. 

This is what my three sons– Arthur, Alexander, and Lancelot– and I have in common. Thus, it did not surprise me when they all said “Yes” once I suggested to eat our dinner in Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen at BF International, Las Piñas City last June 23. Their echoing response was music to my ears after a little energy-sapping first teaching day in the College of Arts and Sciences. 


Our unanimous decision after leaving the house of my brother in Classic Homes, where my boys spent their whole afternoon while I finished my last two classes in San Beda, likewise ended our five-year curiosity about this Italian diner which we have been passing by every time we go to BF Homes, Parañaque City. My son Alexander obviously appeared to be very delighted that Tuesday night since he was the one who aired his desire to really have a taste of authentic Italian cuisine. I think my own recipes of spaghetti, carbonara, and pesto have not met his standard. Huhuhuhu…


That night transformed the Royal Gineses into Don Vito Corleone’s Sicilian family as our palates were instantly pleased with the Italian dishes. 
                                Clam Chowder Soup    
Truffle Mac and Cheese
Spaghetti Meatballs
Penne Pesto Al Pollo
My Knight, enjoying his number 2 pick after the unavailability of lasagna
But the best discovery of the evening was my tasting their own house blend Mama Lou’s iced tea which is a concoction of basil leaves and other herbs. Obviously, the waitress whom I interviewed about the mixture of this drink was sworn to secrecy. Well, I think I would not question her loyalty in not squealing what makes this brew unique and scrumptious. You see, my consuming three small jars of their iced tea totally rubbed out the harassed look on my face. 
Had it been bottomless, I am sure I would still go beyond my third glass! To add, the Php 75.00 ($ 1.52) price for each order had me mentally computing the total amount incurred for the iced tea alone. Ooops… quite pricey for a beverage.
Will it now make me think twice of going back to Mama Lou’s despite ranking their tea as the Number One? 
Take a look at this! 



It just took us two days to excrete all the Italian food residues that we had that Tuesday evening. Today, we again trooped to Mama Lou’s after my boys’ class dismissal.
Upon entering the premises, each of us had already mentally picked what would silence our grumbling stomach for our early evening meal. And yes you saw it, I again had my small jars of their iced tea. 
City Sampler … truly customer satisfaction!
                                                                Spot the dissatisfied.
An explosive burping… This was what I was anticipating as we cleaned our plates this afternoon. Nothing came, but their verbal expression of feeling full made me rejoice.

No more cooking dinner for me once we reach the house. Yabadabadoo!!!!!! 

Feeling “The Godmother”? Hahahaha…


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