WJ’s Inner Circle Friendship

Those who have known me personally for years will label me as someone who is quite finicky when it comes to my inner circle of friends. 

I will not invalidate this bit of information about me. In my book I need to pick people who affix the same meaning to the values of acceptance, support, connectivity, respect, trust, and loyalty. They are the very individual who will be there to help me achieve a happy life. And I can only count them in my fingers.
Edwin Manjares has been one of them. Thus, his surprise invite to meet up at Bonifacio Global City last February 26 had me scrapping a prior sked. Saying “Yes” to it would mean travelling all the way from Las Piñas City to Taguig City late in the afternoon, braving the heavy traffic and going beyond my “curfew” hour. The last reason was not something to worry about since I was meeting someone whom my husband knows well. 
It was an express date since he would be going back to his overseas work in Qatar the next day but we were able to fill in the gaps about the latest happenings in our respective lives. Edwin’s sharing of his recent tour and visit to US made me feel as if I were with him especially when he relayed about his reunion with two of my very good high school friends, Ray Triñanes and Gladys/Dadette Nuas, in Mississippi. 


Touching me deeply was Ray’s thoughtfulness and generosity. He requested Edwin to hand me his “pasalubong.” 


It was sweet of him to remember my intense liking for this kind of accessories! These Mardi Gras beads are my first and they did capture my heart straightaway. A million thanks, Ray. 


I have not seen Ray for twenty-four years and we have not maintained a regular communication but I know he has remained a true friend. So with Edwin, Dadette and a few others who occupy exclusive spots in the deepest recesses of my heart. 

Leaving Bonifacio High Street, we parted ways at Market Market bus terminal and made sure that we brought home with us the genuine happiness only genuine friends could elicit.


Photo credits:
Edwin Manjares
Ray Triñanes


2 thoughts on “WJ’s Inner Circle Friendship

  1. I remember asking you one time last january if you’re available to meet me a day before resumption of school after the holiday…unfortunately you were busy to accept my invite. Perhaps we could have met somewhere in BGC too.


    1. Hi, Beng. Just reviewed my pending comments. You know the reason behind the “business”. 🙂 I think it was business plus health-related reason why I couldn’t meet you that time, Friend. 😦 Our venue became BGC because my friend/kababayan/kumpare isn’t familiar with the south. Luckily, I am quite familiar with the area so I concurred. Otherwise, I might have not gone there too. Commute lang ako pag pumupunta dyan sa BGC kasi hindi ko pa territory yan. 😦 Anyway, whatever the reason was for that request I knew it was special. Thank you and my apologies for my inability to meet you. Basta, pag nasa Gen Tri ka malaki lagi ang posibilidad na makadalaw ako. 🙂


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