A Paradigm Shift

All along I thought it was still mutual between my husband and me that everyday for us is Valentine’s Day.

I was in for a surprise last night after arriving from my graduate classes at around 9:30 pm. 


There waiting for me on our bed were this bouquet (good that it was able to wait for me before withering!) and my favorite chocolate. 
Uttering an interjection I went out of our room and got the details from my three sons. Simply they said that they were a delivery  from  their “Tatay” (Father) though I sensed something a little unusual. I did not anymore pursue my inquiry because what matters was their invaluable effort in making me remember this year’s VDay.
Be it a sweet connivance between my husband and sons or a paradigm shift in Larry’s observance of the Feast of St. Valentine, their expression of love on this particular day was well appreciated. It was one of the best ways of forgetting the toxic day I had in the graduate school! Hahahaha…
My husband immediately gave me a call after thanking him via a text and I had to kid him why suddenly after 17 years, he decided to give me flowers on Cupid’s Day. He offered no reason, but made sure that I would verbalize my happiness despite not a fan of this annual celebration. 

Looking at the blossoms that now adorned our side table, I was in high spirits. At last, my ex-boyfriend has now begun showing more of his romantic side after ages.

Will this mean that I have to look forward to this date starting next year? As of now, it is a NO.
I think what I should initially do is to also revise my belief about this celebration.

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