Firing A Toy No More

The year 2014 is absolutely exceptional. 

Despite being constantly bombarded with a barrage of negative sentiments, I would still mark this “Year of the Horse” (which by the way will end on February 8, 2015) worthy of a tireless revisit for it brought to fruition several fantasies of mine.
One of the major fantasies I got to realize is firing a real gun. 

gu27 gu28

It felt extremely GOOD! 
For me, whose interest in games was partly of “the boys’ stuff” when I was still very young because I didn’t see my gender inferior, this experience terminated my illusion of holding and shooting a firearm when we went to a firing range in Ternate, Cavite.


Should I be thankful to the alarming situation in our village now  which prodded my husband to decide on this matter? A big YES. And another YES because this has the full support of Larry and he was backed up by his four first cousins — Kuya Henry, Kuya Reny, Bong, and Dante — whose foremost reason for learning how to shoot long ago was the same as mine: for protection. 

gu20 gu23

danteWith fresh knowledge gained from my all-male teachers and coaches (my husband included), I became willing to hone this new skill which to those who saw my pictures was a shift from running.  Well, if I have the making of a professional practical shooter, why not? Hahahaha…


Anyways, I was literally ecstatic that Sunday since it also became our bonding time with Larry’s relatives whom we only see during our annual family reunions.

gu14 gu5 gu22 gu17 gu26

gu11What will make this more memorable was our chosen date for my investiture in “weaponry.” December 28, the date when Niños Inocentes is celebrated here in the Philippines, seemed to be the perfect schedule. It was symbolic. 

gu4 gu3 gu2

gu9I think I got to fire the gun eight times! I felt accomplished when they all commented that I was a fast learner because of hitting what they call “Alpha” on the target board.

gu19Hmmm… It was motivating for me and I could have given this new possible hobby a deeper thought if not for the cost we incurred after launching all the bullets. It is unarguably an expensive but a dangerous amusement. 


gu8On a serious note, after familiarizing myself with a gun, I will have no qualms in firing the first bullet for my family.

gu34 logo-without-border1


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