Four days ago I sent an sms to my Bicol-based eldest niece Johanna.

I asked her whether her husband, who works in Manila, was in Legazpi City that day.  If he were, I would be requesting him to buy me a new duyan or abaca hammock for my second ethnic tapestry after seeing that my accessories badly needed a breathing space the day I removed them from our Christmas tree (see article at https://wanderingjouster.com/2014/11/24/the-deviant-strikes-again/).
p15I, the one responsible for the “overpopulation”, have already suffered from its repercussion. Smiley It’s taking up my time to spot the particular accessory I would be wearing for the day. I am afraid, it could even be the cause of  tardiness in my reporting to work. Ha-ha. 
I told Johanna that it was no rush, but I could have told her that it’s ASAP especially with these new additions. 



p11Beauties, aren’t they? And where do you think did I get them, together with this bracelet …
p9…and this brooch (to me it’s a bag charm or a key holder but was labeled as brooch in the receipt)?
p10Do not raise your eyebrows if I again entered this store which I had criticized (but not severely…hehe) in one of my articles. 
p2Yes, Promod it is! (Read my write-up at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/09/23/i-bring-peace/) You can’t blame me for showing up in their shop after ages! (This looooong?) With the screaming “Big reduction” posted on the glass wall after the holidays, I had to find out how BIG is BIG. 
From 66% to 83%  cut down on the prices I knew I would finally own their Indian-inspired accessories which to me were pricey if not put on sale. 
From Php 895 to Php 300
From Php 895 to Php 300
From Php 495 to Php 150
From Php 495 to Php 150
From Php 600 to Php 150
From Php 695 to Php 150
From Php 1195 to Php 295
From Php 895 to Php 300
From Php 895 to Php 295
I was grinning from ear to ear when I paid  the cashier, whom I clearly recognized as one of the “characters” in my mentioned entry. Well, it was only one-sided. Good thing. Yehey! 
Today, I reported to work wearing two of these new jewelries though I have worn the bracelet four times and the double-purpose accessory has been hanging in my sport sling bag since day one. 
Ambush photo-op from a colleague, Sir Osy (Photo credit goes to him too), after my last class
Ambush photo-op from a colleague, Sir Osy (Photo credit goes to him too), after my last class
My well-liked bag charm
My fave bag charm

Everything was again coordinated. What I was wearing definitely revealed my fashion state of mind.


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