We Shall Return!


This is the word which hung in the air the moment we entered Room 202 on December 6, 2014.




perakNano, Yula and I were all smiles. Our soon-to-be house for three days was what we were looking for. It is indeed old-fashioned but its air-conditioning and coziness promise a lot of Z-inducing time for us once our body makes contact with the very very good bed. 
For us tourists who just needed a room to bathe, change and sleep in the night, it was already the most decent place to stay in. 
Obviously the first come-on of this lodging to us was its price (though it’s not cheap; just lesser). Knowing that hotel prices in Singapore are expensive, I definitely commend my niece’s final choice of our accommodation despite her looking for our hotel a little late. Hehehe…
perak h


Perak Hotel, which to me was a mini-museum and I liked immensely the touch of ethnicity at first sight), is situated in Little India.

edited image






Its location made us mingle with a lot of authentic Indians (I loved looking at the women wearing their national costume, Sari) and had us tasting our first hawkers food (see related post at https://wanderingjouster.com/2014/12/31/the-initiation-rites/). Additional bonuses to its site were our being near to Bugis Street, Sim Lim Square (the IT and electronics shop) and of course the MRT subway stations. Transportation was not a problem at all! For us Bicolanas, who are certified “lakwatsera“, passing by all these culturally-laden and exotic houses and buildings on foot added to the fun and adventure. 
Frankly, for the minimal flaws that we saw and encountered in the hotel, we had nothing to complain about. Why should we make a fuss over these deficiencies if the staff were all amiable and helpful? What matters most was our needs were addressed and it made our Singapore trip worth raving about.

Oh yes, we are recommending the place. And if good fortune befalls on us again, we will surely return to Perak Hotel. 


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