An Exclusive Gander at My “Devirgination”

I dream. I envision. I joust. I combat. I triumph. 

Take a look at the Wandering Jouster in her virgin SCMS (Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore) 2014 odyssey. 

Post-Race kit claiming shot at Expo Hall 5 
Protecting my injury with active tape
Chance meeting with an SCMS regular, a kababayan, and one of my first running buddies
with bitoy
Another serendipity in the course of my journey, this time with Bitoy, one of the 83neans, whose running articles have given me inspiration and smile
Nearing the finish line while bitchily fighting cramps




Loving the feel of my finisher’s medal on my lips
Savoring my victory in my first SCMS

A four-part narrative is in the offing.


Grabbed Photos with Watermark Credit (Purchase is still under process.):

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