The Voodoo Priestess

It’s not because of whims why I had my third visit to Mystic Brew Café (see related post at after my last class in San Beda College Alabang this afternoon. 

My taste buds were salivating again for their pesto chicken which I had the chance of tasting on November 14. 


That same day, I tweeted that MB’s pesto could be a threat to TOSH’s (The Old Spaghetti House’s) version, which happened to be in my Top 1 list. Today, I declare that I liked this diner’s pesto too. And since the nearest TOSH’s branch is at Festival Mall and it’s far and out of my way from school, the best option is of course Mystic Brew. To add, I was sure the place would not be crowded yet being still early. True enough, I had the place to myself. A smiling female barista greeted me. I gave her my pasta order and inquired about a new beverage that would complement my pesto. She was very happy to suggest MB’s hamburger, which to her was another bestseller and this blended drink whose name I forgot. I okayed her suggestions and hoped that there’s truth in her “advertisement.” 
While my food was being prepared I checked on the new chalk wall of the owner. I remembered Tristan telling me that he would be changing the Halloween design which I saw the first time I went there.
This met my eyes. 
Tristan’s featured obra maestra tickled the child in me. The cute snowman made me remember the lovable Olaf in “Frozen.” I stared at it for a few minutes and quickly came up with my own interpretation.
Indeed, Christmas is now all over Mystic Brew!




The holiday spirit in the resto gave me a sudden feeling of euphoria. This was what I have been wanting to capture and absorb as I have been going through “emotional healing.” 
Requesting the service staff assigned for that shift to take my pictures so I could record my third visit at MB, I savored that moment in my afternoon’s wickedly private sanctum. My attire harmonized with the mysticism of the diner. I was garbed like a voodoo priestess disguised as a wandering gypsy. I basked in the freedom of  being the only customer there, doing poses without the prying eyes of other clients, and enjoying the cool air conditioned place. I knew nobody would dare curtail my liberty. 



Anyone who saw me doing these poses outside might think of two things. It’s either an official
photo shoot was taking place at MB, or …
… I was performing a ritual for more profit. Hahahahaha.


I had a blast! Thanks to Fatima who was so overly generous as my instant photographer. She even took three shots for each position to make sure that she got the right angle. Had it been a male barista on-duty, I think… I would still request him to do the same thing. 😁

If the number of clients at MB had a big increase today, I think I should inform Tristan that I summoned the good spirits from heaven to bring them to his domain. See the proof? That streak of light was not photoshopped. Hihihihihi…

As for my food, let this picture speak for it.


coat-of-arms1Model: Wandering Jouster
Apparel: Ofel’s Boutique Shop
Accessories: Unknown Sources (hehehehe…)
Hair and Make-up: WJ
Photography by: Fatima of MB
Location: Mystic Brew Café

6 thoughts on “The Voodoo Priestess

  1. Thanks, Wandering Jouster, for visiting us again at Mystic Brew! Your magick worked indeed, as there was an influx of many merry customers during the late afternoon and evening! Wonderful photos — your Voodoo Priestess attire matched the character of the place! See you again soon! B-)


  2. Welcome, Knight Tristan. So the magnet (and incantation) worked! Hahahaha… glad to hear that.

    Thanks for your kind words. Mystic Brew is becoming a fave hang-out of mine lately. And yes, I want to have that mug! 🙂 🙂


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