WJ’s Creative Royal CERVant

Call it good vibes. 

I knew I had finally found the printing shop which would meet my standards for high service quality when I entered weCERV at Gloria Diaz Street, BF Resort Village at an unholy hour last November 12, Wednesday. 


The positive energy emanating from the woman who opened the sliding glass door for me was all I needed to state my business that afternoon. I had to have the 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary invites of my parents-in-law be printed out before Sunday, November 16. The affirmative response of Connie, whom I later on learned as the owner, made me thankful. It would be one task down for me, being the “appointed” event planner and coordinator of my in-laws for the grand celebration on November 29.
After finalizing our talk about the invitations, I directed my attention to another service that they offer — t-shirt printing. At this point, James joined in our conservation as he would answer some of my queries. James happened to be the husband of Connie and I surmise her business partner, too. The couple both exuded the warmth and friendliness which are sometimes lacking from business people. I could feel my excitement building up when I heard satisfactory answers regarding t-shirt printing services from Connie. What made me more enthusiastic was to see that they have V-neck shirts of assorted colors and ready for printing. They are the shirts which I really wanted for my WJ shirts. Next that I had to inquire about was of course the price for each design that will be printed. It was affordable and the same with the amount I would pay before. I only spent a few minutes finalizing my decision of having two of my running shirts be printed and having the prototype of my long-delayed souvenir shirts for my family after my Mayon 360 conquest. Since I only brought with me the black dri-fit short-sleeved Mizuno shirt, I went home to get my black thermal-fit long-sleeved Nike top. The shop was just a 15-minute drive from our place. I transferred all the designs made by my niece Christine to my flash drive before returning to weCERV.
You see, the name of the shop alone is a product of creativity. CERV is actually the first four letters in the owners’ family name which is CERVantes. Part of their tagline says “We Cerv” and I could vouch that it was not a mediocre customer service that they were able to deliver despite being only more than a year in the business. Professionalism and efficiency were fully exercised by Cervantes when they were able to hand me the invitations as promised in the midst of their mourning for the demise of Connie’s father. With their very competent and dependable staff/artist, Jerome, I was able to get the 40 pieces after my last class at UST. It was already around 9:00 P.M. which was beyond his official time in the shop. I was impressed. Word of honor for me matters a lot especially from business people. What impressed me more was the product of their printing job. 


They produced the invites the way I wanted them to look after several deliberations with my sister-in-law, Alma, and editing sessions with Christine. Once I have added the finishing touches, I sent Alma the photo. She was as happy as I am! Now after delivering the first batch in Cavite last Sunday, we had to request for additional 45 copies which I also got  the next day. Earlier tonight, I was able to accomplish all the invitations for distribution. I let out a long sigh of relief as soon as I shipped them via LBC. 
Upon my return to our house, I had to give myself a “treat” for a job well-done. 







That’s it. Modelling my very own shirts! Hahahaha…
Thanks to weCERV, they have turned my simple dream into reality and they have given my niece’s designs a lot of justice. Bravooooooooooooooooooooo! 
Well, this is not all. The shop was able to print my first WJ stickers. Am I becoming enterprising? Of course not. They are all for my personal consumption. 


I am no drumbeater for anyone or for any company but once I am very much contented with the rendered services, I will appoint myself as their PR officer and that will be pro bono. 


To know more about weCERV and the array of services that they offer, visit their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/WecervPhotoAndDesignConcept.
t-shirt design credit: 
Christine Mediavillo Bernardino

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