Mystic Brew’s Mysteries: Unravelled

Was I a modern-day Gretel or Alice last night?

Neither. I was both. 
Thanks to the unavailability of my regular manicurist and foot masseuse at Tip.Top.Toes Spa, I finally allowed my feet to drag me to one of the food hubs which I have been passing by at BF Resort for the past three years. I could not exactly pinpoint the reason behind the absence of the magnetic pull toward Mystic Brew within this duration. Hmmm… could it be its all-glass facade which gave me a transparent view of a crowded area from the exterior and slightly triggered my being a little claustrophobic? Or, could it be that the place beckons only to specific social strata?
Well, as the cliché saying goes “Do not judge a diner by its facade.” Oooops… excuse my “brewing” a revised version of the maxim “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Mine would not be an epic though unlike themelanism” (coined from Melanie Marquez) quote “Don’t judge my brother. He is not a book.” Harharhar. 


Anyway, the curiosity of this mau (cat) has finally ended. And yes, it did not kill me. Quietly stepping inside MB, I was not expecting to see what has been waiting for me all along. It was magical! I could hear Tinkerbell’s puny wings flapping above me with her pixie dust falling on my hair. 
I immediately gave my order to the barista, who recommended their bestseller, while I could feel my blogger instinct coming alive.
Here I was, in the midst of a newly discovered haven which is just a stone’s throw from our residence. Then, I began taking photos of the mélange of  books, beauty products, apparel, fashion accessories, antique-looking trinkets, furniture, artifacts, artworks, and crafts of varied cultural origins. 







My eyes became dilated as I looked at the amazing interiors. The sight of ethnicity had my adrenalin pumping. I savored the moment and feasted my eyes on the unique character of Mystic Brew. I was on the verge of drooling! Ha-ha!
Suffice it to say that I was totally charmed… enchanted… bedazzled!
Adding to the enchantment was my entering the loo. Yes, sooooo British! Dr. Melchor Tatlonghari, my UST professor, would definitely smile once he sees it.
I had to do two step backwards and make sure that there is a porcelain potty inside. Or, was I expecting a seat similar to that in the Game of Thrones after seeing that part of the design of MB is of European and Medieval influences which have the royal blood flowing in the Wandering Jouster’s veins? 
Now, brace yourself for their idea of a rest room! Definitely a place to ease up




After a while, the friendly and efficient service staff brought my order. But I could not begin my late light dinner yet.
I was all agog to inspect the clothes on display at The Box Shop. 


I don’t know if I should call it a wrong move, but for me, it was an “extremely” right one (pardon the violation on correct usage and consider this a hyperbole. hehehe…). There waiting for me were tunic blouses — the top that I am gaga over with! So, did I find one to my liking? 
Tsararararan…presenting, the recent addition to my collection!
The tribal design had me not returning it to its rack. I will, I should, and I must walk out of the shop with this. 
After picking this tunic, I finally returned to my table to unravel the mysticism of their bestseller gingerbread latte and kitsune coleslaw which was a combo of fried Nori strips, crabsticks, mango, and sesame seeds with samurai dressing. 
Frankly, I couldn’t complain. My taste buds were very very satisfied! Getting their menu covers to double check the names of what I was eating, I had to smile with the creative description of each food and its affordable price. 



And while I was enjoying my first food at MB, another bewitching ceremonial spell filled the air. I did come at the most opportune time!
This artist, Oliver Mata, came into life from this poster and enthralled us with his acoustic guitar


On top of this recent wonderland-inspired experience was personally meeting and talking with the amiable proprietor, Tristan Jovellana, who was very accommodating in granting my request for a photo op with him. 


Whoa! Looks like I came face-to-face with Peter Pan. Up to now, I would not dare guess his age. With his young-looking face, I could tell that his Mystic Brew could be likened to Neverland where one never grows up. Tristan, the genius behind the impressive interior design of MB, will no longer surprise me if I see the traces of his never-ending childhood adventure in his café.


By choice, I could not stay and continue enjoying the relaxing music from Mata’s gig. It was already late and sound tripping was not my original plan yesterday. I did not want to put my sons in the shoe of Hansel and Gretel’s father and Alice’s parents when they worried for their whereabouts. 
Surely, it would not be my first and last at Mystic Brew. The gratification I derived from my experience at MB could be similar to what I could have received from the foot massage after my morning training run.

The visual and aural splendor at Mystic Brew will undoubtedly be another option for me to be relaxed and rejuvenated from now on.

Do I see a case of a cooling off period with my fave Korean resto for a while?

coat-of-arms1 Excess 1:

To know more about Mystic Brew, visit their site at A word of caution: Arm yourself with the sturdiest armor. 
Excess 2:
Thanks, Gingerbread latte, you kept the WJ wide awake to finish this article!  

2 thoughts on “Mystic Brew’s Mysteries: Unravelled

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Mau! 🙂

    Such a well-written, enamoring article! Glad that you’ve brought your horse, laid down your armor and opened yourself up to a magickal experience at Mystic Brew!

    We’re really happy that you understood what makes Mystic Brew a peculiar yet wicked cafe that begs to differ from the rest of the nearby establishments! COFFEE (and other brews & chews) + ART + PEOPLE + MAGICK! A haven for artists, armchair revolutionaries & hopeless romantics alike. 🙂

    And it’s so nice to meet a kindred spirit — I’m also a sucker for anything magickal, fantastical and out-of-this-world! I do feel like Peter Pan / Knight (in a 38 year old body). Hehehe. 😉

    We’ll be sharing your write up on our Facebook Page ( next week — hope it’s alright with you.

    Hope to see you again soon!

    Enjoy your Sunday evening, and have a blessed week ahead! B-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Sire Tristan! 🙂

      The pleasure was mine. Anything novel to my eyes is worth writing about. I am doubly happy that I gave justice to Mystic Brew’s uberawesomeness.

      Yes, feel free to share the article. It would be an honor (with curtsy). 🙂 🙂

      Many thanks for the positive response to my write-up. Seldom do I get a very articulate acknowledgment about my written piece. Hehehehe.. You sure know how to use the power of words. Great to commune with a royal kindred knight indeed!

      I will definitely saddle my horse again to your kingdom in my full lady knight armor. Hahahahaha…


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