Legazpi Boulevard: The First of A Trilogy of My Unceasing Wanderings

Today is already the fourth of November and sad to say, I have not been running for more than a week. 

I clearly know what suddenly put me in this inertia and I am not proud of it. It has unwelcomely disrupted the regular training which I started mid-month of September.
Looking at the calendar tonight, I only have around three weeks to complete my preparation for my dream marathon in December. Three weeks! And I am also in the process of meeting all the requirements in my graduate studies not to mention the final examination which I have to hurdle come November 15. No wonder, even the excitement for this big event seemed to be shy in seeping through my system.
Faced with this threatening build up of a new set of tension, I have to sit down and draft my action plan. First in the list is to revisit the documentation of the training which I religiously did and helped me slowly achieve something positive. This perked me up especially when I realized that I had conquered three newfangled territories as my training ground. From Legazpi Boulevard, Albay to Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City and to General Trias, Cavite my feet stamped their mark on these soils when I freely explored them.
This evening, allow me to deliver to you the first of this trilogy. 

Legazpi Boulevard, Albay

In my article at https://wanderingjouster.com/2014/10/27/my-guided-wanderings-sequel-1/, I mentioned my planned training morning of October 6, Monday. Waking up at the sound of the alarm at 5:30 A.M., I was tempted not to push through with my running had I not read the sms of my niece Johanna that they were already at the boulevard. It jolted me from my bed and I quickly changed to my running attire. While I walked toward the main road where I would take a jeepney, I had to recall the spot where I should request the driver to drop me off. You see, I am a native of Legazpi City but obviously the place where I would be going is unfamiliar to me. Yes, a case of turning into a stranger in my own province after uprooting myself 28 years ago. I had to confirm with the driver that the directions I knew were the right one before I alighted from the PUV. Once I saw the stretch of paved road and several people who were in the same business as mine, I set my tracks application and set off for my very first training in my hometown.
My start area
My start area
 It was a morning filled with beautiful sights which gave me a rush rewind of my younger days. 
Lucky early clients (dog included…hahaha!) for a freshly caught tuna
Open for swimming
Open for swimming
A day for family bonding
A day for family bonding
 I continued my running and heard someone shout “Tita Mau” as I passed by. It was my niece pushing a stroller where her daughter was already sound asleep. 
Johanna/Waning, making the most out of her holiday
JD, my fourth granddaughter
JD, my fourth granddaughter
Now, Waning’s appearance was perfectly timed since I needed someone to take some action shots of me. Hahahaha. But of course, I had to have a picture with JD, whom I see as a spitting image of my deceased mother Adelina! 
With mini-Adelina...hehehe
With mini-Adelina…hehehe
Proof of my training
Proof of my training
Mount Mayon at the backdrop, quietly watching me
Mount Mayon at the backdrop, quietly watching me
Rest mode
Rest mode
After these solo shots, her husband and son joined us. Dan and NJ were actually the first ones who saw and greeted me at the early part of my run. They called me from a distance while they were enjoying their dip. Through their hand gestures and blurred dialog, I understood it that Johanna was ahead of me and that explained why I ran past her. 
One of my favorite shots here
One of my favorite shots here
This photo, taken by Johanna’s husband, was my last with them before I carried on with my goal for a 15-k run that morning. With my 12:45 P.M. flight that day, I had no more chance to be with them longer even if I wanted to. 
Resume of run was an encounter with fellow runners and individuals who had chosen to spend quality time with their family at Legazpi Boulevard. 
The back of the running shirt says it all
Hmm... need I say more about the runner in red? hehehe
Hmm… need I say more about the runner in red and shades? hehehe
The road less taken...
Young and old fitness buff
Bikers are the bravest here.
Bikers are the bravest here.
My seeing this road made me curious as I continued running on it. Then, I noticed I was the lone human being on what seemed to be “a road less traveled”…
Do you know where you're going to?
Do you know where you’re going to?

The erect coconut trees, the smell of fresh air mingling with the smell of a carabao’s dung, the brown soil, and the different sounds one hears only in the boondocks met me. Everything was natural. Everything was rustic. It was the kind of sanctuary where I am assured of achieving my peace of mind. I silently uttered an impossible wish to extend my stay. 

Checking my mobile phone, I saw that the battery was already drained which means to say the rest of the mileage that I would be able to cover would no longer be mapped and recorded. The remaining source of my running data was my watch which made me calculate a total of 13 kilometers after I had reached Ninong’s Hotel via running. The morning greetings of the front desk officer had me responding to it in my most elated voice. My voice plus my flushed face definitely emanated the happiness only running and my being in my own province could bring to my life. 



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