Ruby: Our Gem

Genuine friendship is one of the deepest relationships you can have with another person.

That being said, finding the person you should build that genuine friendship with becomes very difficult. 

I adhere to this principle that’s why I choose well the people whom I can label as “TRUE FRIENDS.” Call me finicky, but this is my way of safeguarding myself from future pains once my trust is broken. For me trust is the bedrock of what makes relationships work. That is why distance and absence should never be factors in diminishing the potency of that T-word.

These are my reasons why after almost six years of not visiting one of my best friends, Ruby “Beng” Bautista, I finally did it with my three sons yesterday. But it was not in her Paco, Manila residence. It was in General Trias. Thanks to Kat Roman-Bautista, my wedding goddaughter and Beng’s sister-in-law, she was able to inform me via a post in my Facebook about the location of their other house in Gen Tri which is near to Las Pinas City and which I am a little familiar with because it’s my route in going to Indang, Cavite. Originally planned as a surprise visit, I decided not to push through with it. I know my friend too well. She would still prefer being prompted about a visit so she could be given time to also prepare. And being a very good cook, I know she would again give us the pleasure of tasting her missed fave recipes. 
My calculation of our travel time was almost correct if not for the funeral cortege ahead of us. I had to do three overtakes so that we would still arrive on the time which I indicated in my sms. Miraculously, I did not find it hard to locate their place. With my shaky sense of direction, it was already a great accomplishment for me not to be lost as a first timer at Sunny Brook 2, Cavite. 
So as expected after the welcome greetings, we had our sumptuous lunch composed of pork and chicken barbecue, sinigang na mayamaya sa miso, potato salad, tuna pasta, and bottomless softdrinks. Dessert was on us. 🙂 My twins had been used to their Ninang Ruby’s pampering via food that’s why they already knew what to do once offered to eat. Lancelot was only two years old when he first visited his brothers’ baptismal godmother. Clearly, he had no recall about the fiesta atmosphere in his Tita Ruby’s house in Manila even during ordinary visits because of the foods that she would ready. 
Well, nothing has changed in what met us yesterday. But more than the hearty meal, it was the warm welcome which has remained profound and intense as I exchanged hugs and kisses with Beng and her mother, whom I have always addressed as Nanay even before she and her deceased husband, Tatay Rolly, became one of  our wedding principal sponsors in 1997. Nanay is a living witness to our friendship. I think she was one of those who got hurt and sad when Beng and I also experienced a falling out at some point. Being very frank friends and “sisters” to each other, we had to fix that wedge between us right away. This bolstered our friendship more.  
Yesterday was again a déjà vu of our “partnership” which all began in SJCS. Really, when we are together our talkativeness is at its peak. We talked incessantly for two and a half hours. Arthur, the older twin, secretly timed us. Hahahahaha… 
Anyway, it was time for us to leave since I did not want to drive at night. It was immediately seconded by Beng. I know it will not be our first visit in their house, being nearer to our place. Of course, would I just step out of their three-storey abode without documenting reunions like these? 
Lancelot and the twins with their Ninang Ruby
Lancelot and the twins with their Ninang Ruby
Waited for 6 years to have this picture
Waited for 6 years to have this picture
With our Nanay who seemed to have not aged
With our Nanay who seemed to have not aged since the last time I saw her and Beng’s two nieces
With Nanay, my wedding godmother, and Beng, my very late confirmation godmother
With Nanay, my wedding godmother, and Beng, my very late confirmation godmother
My sons and I did not only bring with us full stomachs when we bid our goodbye but also the lingering happiness which made us grateful that we have stayed connected with our Ninang Ruby. 
Well for me, being my godmother will only be her sub-role in my life. She is and will always be my FRIEND, one of the best friends I have ever had in my whole life. Yes, I am keeping her “no matter how long it takes and no matter what occurs…” Sounds familiar, FRIEND? Hehehehe. 




2 thoughts on “Ruby: Our Gem

  1. I know I posted something here which I did the time Kat mentioned to me that she saw the pics and read this entry. ..where did it go [ maybe the cp wasn’t working well] that evening I was typing my piece. Now I know why there wasn’t any reply to my email at all [ too bad my piece was gone].
    Anyway, my happiness doubles yours because that was unexpected for I know your extra time is occupied by your other ” activities” ; nevertheless, I appreciated your coming over tugging along “my kids”. It was momentous.

    P.S. How can I forget those lines that melted our hearts, but to our FRIENDSHIP, it’s definitely more than that. Thanks so much for the “surprise” visit [ surprise visit daw oh! hahaha


    1. Hi, friend. You are right. I did not see your first comment for moderation. That is really sad. I know, the passion in your firstly written piece/post is always intense. hehehehe…

      My visiting you was one of the best events last month. Imagine, we were able to capsulize a lot of our missed stories in just two and a half hours. hahahaha…

      I told you, it won’t be the first. Thank you for the warm hospitality. It has not diminished a bit. Thank you very much for the beautiful friendship. It has been a good reminder what we went through to be happy and contented with our life now. 🙂


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