My Guided Wanderings

My brother Yul/Long knew my going home that day since I made ‘lambing’ for a transportation service to the party a day before my arrival, but not my sister Jocelyn/Olen whom I wanted to surprise. Now, my popping out at their gate is the next story I will be narrating tomorrow…

And ‘tomorrow’ is today.

From LR, the jeepney I rode in passed by another landmark which is another beautiful reminder of my happy days every time our family would go to Legazpi City. 
The monument in the heart of Legazpi City
The monument in the heart of Legazpi City
It is our own Rotonda which guides anyone who gets lost in the city. Well, I did not experience getting lost when I was young. That time, I made sure to always tightly hold my Papa’s or Mama’s hand for fear that I would be left behind. 
I congratulated myself once I found the short cut to my siblings’ place. My greetings at the gate received a surprise but happy response from my eldest sister’s household. Seeing Johanna/Waning, my eldest niece, carrying her four-month old daughter, who is now my fourth grandchild, made me ecstatic since it was the first time that I saw JD in person. I informed my eldest brother’s son, Yuji, that I would first go to the other house when he went out to welcome me. Yes, it is one small compound that houses my two siblings’ residence. 
With Johanna and her two kids, NJ and JD
With Johanna and her two kids, NJ and JD
Finally JD showed her face to me...
Finally JD showed her face to me…
My sister was still in the church. It gave me ample time to talk with Johanna and her husband, Dan, who became our photographer. But one of the best parts of my visit to Olen’s house is meeting Amir, their German Shepherd pet dog. 
Pensive and quiet Amir
Pensive and quiet Amir
His big size immediately attracted me and I did not stop myself from touching him even though I was a little bit afraid being a new face to him. Luckily, I succeeded  and formulated my own steps on how to woo an easy-to-get German Shepherd. Hahahahaha…:
Here under are the steps:

STEP 1: Patiently croon the GS by showering him with all the positive words that you can think of about him like “good dog, good dog, good dog.” 


STEP 2: Allow yourself to have a similar position as he so that he would think that you both belong to Kingdom Animalia. Then, allow your hand to slowly crawl its way near his head but do not meet his look yet. 


STEP 3: Continue caressing him and never cease with your verbal flattery (Hope that the dog won’t notice it.). Then, slowly let him face you, make an eye contact now and maintain it, but make sure to distance your face from him. 


And voila! You are considered “intimates” in so short a time because you happened to encounter a trained and tamed German Shepherd. 

Courtship with Amir and updates with Waning done, I decided to transfer to my eldest brother’s house for a different set of stories. Being a Sunday, everyone was there including my sister-in-law Ate Mer. First in the list was my inquiring about the health of my brother who just recuperated from a slight heart attack and got confined for a week. The Lord is really good to give him his third life. Second in our conversation was the update about the application of his second son in entering San Beda College Alabang’s School of Law next year. Being connected to this institution and having easy access to the concerned offices, I was requested by Long to do all the inquiries and assistance to my nephew. We all hope that their son would meet the requirements and be able to take the admission test in February. Then, more topics were discussed which made me linger in their house. Hearing the voice of my eldest sister prompted me to already leave my brother’s house and confirm the time of his picking me up from the hotel. He volunteered to drive me to the party’s venue later in the afternoon. 
I returned to Olen’s house. Seeing her looking trimmer had me complimenting her. I am glad she has maintained her young looks which would make it difficult for someone to guess her real age. I kidded her that she had taken seriously her being elected president of a major organization in Bicol University. Hehehehe. We had updating again before our attention returned to Amir. Olen showed me how he understood commands perfectly. I was impressed and entertained. Hmmm… next time, I expect Amir to be cooking for me! Hahahaha…
The youngest and the eldest...guess the age difference. haha!
The youngest and the eldest…
Guess the age difference. haha!
Guess the age difference. haha!
With my sister around, some stories were repeated and new ones were added. Noticing the time, I decided to end my visit but not until I allowed my eyes to look at my sister’s latest design of her house. Also a promoter of native and ethnic products, I noticed her Maskkara Festival  wall decors. 



I think she saw the twinkle in my eyes that she told me to take one. I know my sister too well that when I felt she was sincere with her offer, I did not anymore dilly-dally in choosing the mask which I would bring home to Manila. Yahoooo! In my mind, I knew where I would be placing it. 
I did not bid them goodbye yet. I informed them of my planned training run at Legazpi Boulevard the next day which is a Monday. Johanna and her family were quick in telling me that they would join me there as husband and wife were also on a break. October 6 was declared a regular holiday in observance of Eid al-Adha. My having companions in an unfamiliar ground made me thankful and assured that I would complete my scheduled run in my province. 
The clock ticked again. As I finally exited from my sister’s place, I was sure they could feel my excitement for the Hawaiian luau party cum high school mini-reunion. You bet they were right.
Let me see if tomorrow will set my mood on fire for My Guided Wanderings: Sequel 2. 


2 thoughts on “My Guided Wanderings

  1. you never lose your touch of wonderful short stories, be it real or reel..i enjoyed the break of reading it..forgot the demands of office works and responsibilities at hand as BUANTS President..thank you so much. Beautiful..even the pictures..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot, Olen. Your remarks always mean a lot to me. I will always consider myself second fiddle to your writing skills. 🙂 This entry is one of my personal favorites because of Amir. Hahahahaha… Joke. Our family will always top my list of inspiring sources when it comes to narratives.

      Call your BUANTS presidency a training for another higher position, say BU Presidency? Hehehehe… 🙂


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