Stress Eating to Destressing

I am a stress eater. 

This is one fact about me which I have openly admitted. Yes, it has been unhealthy since the desire to exercise is totally put in oblivion which means to say, whatever weight I lost these past three weeks was being recovered. 
This week put me again in a high level of stress as I accomplished a lot of paperwork and documents due for submission. Faced with this, I knew I had to seek comfort from eating and forget all about achieving my targeted weight. 
Wednesday, after dropping by San Beda, I returned to the Korean resto where I also had my dinner a day before. I ordered the same set of food. The appetizers were almost the same except for one. 
the new appetizer which we bicolanos call "tabagwang"
The new appetizer which we Bicolanos call “tabagwang”
My fave soup as of this writing
Galbitang, my fave soup as of this writing
Do you see anyy trace of stress?
Do you see any trace of stress? 🙂
I took my time in taking my lunch as I tried diverting my mind from the unfinished piles of work. Once in a while, I would be reminded about it but I learned how to digest, to take a deep breath, and to have amnesia simultaneously. Hahahaha… I finished everything on my plate. I felt heavy! Going home, I waved off  my guilty feeling  as it bogged me for cheating on my so-called strict diet. I was tempted to atone for it, but I knew I would trespass against me again. 
It did not take long. The next day, my taste buds were again looking for a particular taste which I knew  would cheer me. Dropping by Southmall and entering the Food Street area, I allowed my feet to bring me to the diner which I was sure would address my longing. 
Racks it is! Just like my unchanged preference in the Korean restaurant, I need not refer to the menu because I knew what I would order. 
My first course - clam chowder soup,  garlic bread and the bottomless houseblend iced tea
My first course – clam chowder soup, garlic bread and the bottomless houseblend iced tea
Rack's sweet and smoky boneless pork
Racks sweet and smoky boneless pork
One of the two side dishes
One of the two side dishes
The second side dish
The second side dish
Now, take a look at the WJ and tell me, if stress eating is doing me real good. Hahahahaha…
Gooooo, gooooo, gooooo for my sixth mug!
Honestly? My power lunch for two consecutive days served their purpose. I was armed with the energy which I badly needed as I immersed myself in my work due for today. Being able to sleep for an hour was already bliss for me. I pushed myself and applied the ever willing locus of control. 
This morning, I greeted the world with my widest smile. Prepared for one of the major tasks in my graduate studies, I brought with me the confidence which made me nail my oral presentation. 

Then afterwards… another comfort food as I exclusively celebrate my simple but meaningful accomplishment. 

Hoping this won't end...
Hoping this won’t end…
Savoring an accomplishment...
Savoring an accomplishment…



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