Marble Potato Salad aka Nanay’s Legendary Salad

They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” 

Funny was, I did not feed my husband good food for him to love me.😊Instead, I fed his family and clan. Thus, I now say,  “The way to your in-laws hearts is through their stomachs.” 
Thanks to this so-called inherited talent in cooking from my mother and grandfather, it was not difficult for me to be welcomed by the Gineses when  we finally got married. I held the secret to their liking me more. I would prepare dishes which I was sure would please their taste buds. The Bicol delicacies, ginataang laing and bicol express soon became their MRD (Most Requested Dishes) during special occasions. I cooked these last week for Larry’s uncle’s birthday. On the same week, I received a private message from his aunt, who invited us for her grandson’s baptism and asked for my “Marble Potato Salad” recipe. I sent her the recipe immediately, but later on volunteered to just make it for her. I kidded Ate Beneth, my mother-in-law’s youngest sister, that it would already be our gift to her grandson. She was very surprised but thankful. So tonight, I prepared this salad which Larry’s family had also loved at first taste. 
Actually, this is easier to prepare compared to the chicken macaroni salad. What one has to only pay attention to is the cooking of the marble potatoes. They should be cooked al dente  or cooked just enough to retain a somewhat firm texture. Yes, somewhat similar to cooking pasta. Never, never overcook. Then, mixing all the ingredients follows with a little dash of salt. 
The boiled mable potatoes
The boiled marble potatoes
Carrots cut into strips
Carrots cut into strips
Pineapple tidbits without the syrup
Pineapple tidbits without the syrup
Cooked ham (any brand will do) cut into cubes
Cooked ham (any brand will do) cut into small squares  (image grabbed from because I forgot to take a picture of the two packs of ham)
Hard-boiled eggs which were later on sliced
Jelly ace (optional ingredient)
Jelly ace (optional ingredient)
Kraft Salad Dressing (Originally this should be Kraft Mayonnaise but this was out-of-stock at Puregold)
The mixed ingredients
The mixed ingredients
Once everything is mixed, the salad is ready for chilling. 
Hoping that this will be enough for the expected number of guests tomorrow
But before I placed the salad inside the fridge, I had to let my “royal tasters” rate the salad. First to do this was the older twin, Arthur. His positive comment made me smile, but his blurting out his personal name for this salad had me laughing. He called it “Nanay’s (Mother’s) Legendary Salad”! He continued showering me with compliments, making me not feel any tiredness tonight. Yes, my sons remain my loyal fans. 
Tomorrow, more people will judge this salad which was actually shared to me by Jojo Hipolito, the husband of a former co-teacher and later on became my kumpare. The first time his wife, Teri, brought this to Saint Jude Catholic School, I knew I had to learn how to do it. Having mastered how to prepare this, I think I have to brace myself for more requests. 😜🙂🙃


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