WJ, Three Years After: Still Alive and Kicking

I am by nature a sentimental person. 

This is one of my traits which I could not classify either as my strength or weakness. But to whatever “phylum” this melodramatics (to some) belongs to, I know this makes my individuality treasurable. 
I suppose this is one of the main reasons why despite suffering from heavy-headedness since yesterday, I went out today to celebrate the third year anniversary of my blog – Wandering Jouster – alone (not surprising since I expect that I am the only one who remembers this date though I clearly know of someone’s blog’s birthday, too). With me was the hope that this moment of seclusion as I commemorate my birth as a blogger would expunge any impairment of my normal physiological condition. 
I only had two destinations in mind when I went to Southmall this afternoon. These were Tous Les Jours and Racks. The former is where I purchased the chocolate cake while the latter is where I would blow the candles for WJ and then eat my late lunch. You read it right. Blowing the candles was a premeditated part of this exclusive jubilee. 
the cake for WJ
The cake for WJ
I entered the diner and occupied my favorite spot. A smiling male attendant, Paul, immediately approached my table. This is what I like about Racks. Aside from the excellent dishes that they serve, the service crew here are not only efficient  but very amiable and warm. They would make you feel a certified VIP once you showed up at their doorstep.
So when Paul handed me the menu booklet, I informed him about my “special day” and expressed my request which he immediately granted after serving my order.  His accommodation hyped me up. 
Had to do this while waiting for my food
The first real cake for my blog…hahaha!
Holding my mobile phone, Paul waited on cue patiently. 
Should I…
… make a wish for WJ?
Wish, no… gratefulness, yes.
I stole a glance at him and was thankful that he seemed to know how to get the right angle. Haha! Then, I faced my usual order at Racks. 
my fave baby back ribs with the side dishes and of course the bottomless houseblend iced tea
My fave baby back ribs with the side dishes and of course the bottomless houseblend iced tea
Rereading my very first article about Racks in 2012
I stayed for almost an hour in the restaurant and savored my meal which I have absolutely missed. I had to count months before I again dined at Racks. This was even seconded by May, the female food service attendant, who recognized me as a regular customer and mentioned that I had not been going there. She even inquired about my sons and I had to reply that they were still in school. You see, these Racks people could always carry a short conversation with their clients.
When I exited this resto, Paul was there to see me off as he informed me that he’d visit my blog. Uhm…now, that motivated (not pressured) me to work on this entry once I arrived home past 5:00 pm. Yes, I was alone at Racks but it did not mean that the private celebration couldn’t have its continuation in our own abode. 






Among the many people whom I would like to thank for WJ’s marvelous existence (to borrow a friend and fellow blogger’s words), my sons are definitely included in the list. They are the source of the many stories which I have written for the past three years. They are also my photographers (sometimes forced…hahahaha!) and very willing critic though they have not even visited WJ and read any post here. I guess what they would criticize is the long time that I would spend in my blog especially when I am in a cathartic mode. They are the silent witnesses to the unfathomable bond between WJ and me. 

Of course, who would ever forget you my regular readers, visitors, and posters. You are the ones who make WJ alive and kicking. I can’t thank you all enough. What started as a simple hobby has exposed me to a world where diversity became nonexistent because of the same language we speak — that of a blogger and lover of life and humanity. 

Maraming maraming salamat po! (Thank you very much!)
mine to enjoy
Mine to enjoy


5 thoughts on “WJ, Three Years After: Still Alive and Kicking

  1. Belated cheers from the slow-moving penguin. No wifi in Antartica yesterday. The WJ blog, with its candid and engaging articles, is a source of warmth for cold-blooded creatures. We continue to follow this blog for many more years to come.


  2. Infinite gratitude for the greetings and heartwarming remarks, Penguin. Your continuous patronage breathes life to WJ. I hope you will not tire yourself from visiting this blog. I do not want to reach the point where I have to solicit your backing. Yung tipong pilitan ba? Hahahahaha…


  3. good thing the “grammarian” did not drop by to check on my post haha. My year na my anniversary pa! only now I noticed. where is she?


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