The Bullish Mutant Jouster

Last week was filled with a series of events that slightly turned me into a “mutant.”

Thursday, August 14, saw me as an animated WJ as I joined my close Bedan colleagues/friends in a lunch out at Alabang Town Center. We would only have this opportunity every midterm examination, thus I was happy that after a year, we were able to spend some time to finally push through with this rare intimate lunch among us. 
feeling young with this group
Feeling young with this group
all-women photo... missing suzette palao
All-women photo… missing Suzette Palao
Come Friday, August 15, my energy was down. One of my unwanted jousting opponents came putting me in physical pain. I had to rely on the application of ice pack and taking of mefenamic acid just to feel better. I did not want  to miss my Saturday classes at UST. 
I triumphed in summoning all the forces that would make me crush my nemesis. My migraine abated late in the evening which had me writing the brief entry entitled “Fight.”
The next day, August 16, my energy level was back to normal. I reported for my masteral class and survived the draining morning session. Hahahahaha… As a reward, I decided to be adventurous three hours before my 2 pm class. Destination? The SM branch in San Lazaro, Manila which is a 15-minute trip from the school. I am familiar with this place since I used to do this already when I started taking up my M.A. in this university. With the available time, I chose between having an hour’s body massage or a foot spa. I settled to have the latter which was a big help in relaxing my nerves. 
soaking my feet in the warm water
Soaking my feet in the warm water
zero trace of the migraine attack
Zero trace of the migraine attack
Never did I know that the relaxation which I had at Let’s Face It Salon was sort of a preparation for the heavy downpour on my way home. (Sniff!) Minus my umbrella, which I forgot for the first time, this pussy cat got drenched when I stepped out of the van. The long queue at the trike terminal delayed my reaching our house even more. Good thing the rain subsided and with the poor jacket which I used to protect me from getting wet, I prayed silently that I would not get sick again. 
Waking up without the lightheadedness was a good sign on a Sunday morning! It’s an indication that I was spared from being hit by any virus. This would also mean that our day’s itinerary would be accomplished. My three sons cheered when I instructed them to change to their basketball gear. With my younger twin, we had an assignment to do which we also carried out. Once the two of us returned to Classic Homes, Alexander was able to join his two brothers in their game. As for me, I underwent another mutation. 
back to basic
Back to basics
Making use of  the available time, I did a 30-minute run around the gym. I was no longer surprised when I experienced puffing and muscle weakness at once. Well, what do I expect from myself who has been out of the race track for long now? I tsked and warned myself about the repercussion of continuing this non-training. I want to do the troubleshooting now but the problem is, time seems to be so cruel to me and my running mojo is playing hide-and-seek with me again. 

We left Golezeum 16  noontime and headed for Southmall where another task was waiting for me. Yes, the transformation seemed endless for this lady knight. 


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