A Wonderful Delight

Thursday, July 31, could have been just one of those routine days if not for this wonderful delight which came as a surprise.


Accidentally discovering this LBC package which I think had been inconspicuously placed in one of our window grills by our stay out laundress but had totally forgotten to text me about it after washing our clothes, I had to immediately double check the data to have an idea who the real recipient is and of course, the thoughtful sender. The familiar handwriting elicited a wide grin from me as it pumped up the adrenaline rush of strong emotional feelings. I excitedly ripped it open as I held something hard and thick. 
Whoa! Look what met my dopey eyes. 


This Wendy Leigh book, which was already covered with plastic, was a beautiful sight that gloomy night! The sender, Ruby P. Bautista (one of my best friends and endearingly called “friend” and Beng by me), knew what would make my heart beat faster — Patrick Swayze.


This long-time admiration of  PS is one secret which I failed to keep from Beng. And even if I tried hiding it from her, our long years of friendship and intertwined “relationships” would make me spill the beans. Hahaha…
Just take a look at her sweet dedication. She’s the very first one who has addressed me in this nickname “Maui.”
Friend, I hope you won’t mind my sharing to my wordpress family about your thoughtfulness. You know how appreciative I am of this kind of unforeseen gesture. 

I know you are again up for something which had me looking forward to this week. From the bottom of my heart, many many thanks!  

This memoir will surely revive my longing for johnny castle, but going on a trip back to the time when he was still very much alive would make me visualize those moves which had captured my faithful heart.


4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Delight

  1. What a thoughtful friend and lovely dedication. I came late to ‘Dirty Dancing’ despite being around when it first aired. Once discovered, I watched on repeat until I caught up. It’s still so sad to think of his life cut short.

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  2. Thank you very much, Scottishmomus. It pays to have true and thoughtful friends. 🙂
    I lost count of the number of times I have watched “Dirty Dancing”. I have to admit, the same intensity of swooning takes place everytime I watch Patrick dance. 🙂
    Yes, it’s really sad. That’s why I have to thank my friend for this book. I hope it will help diminish the longing.


  3. When I checked my email I have the inkling that ” wonderful delight” has something related to my sending you MR. PS. What else will delight THE CAT but the man who occupies the hidden desires of her heart.
    and so I clicked the link…and voila! Patrick was looking straight into my eyes with pronounced message– don’t say anything she [the cat] just can’t control herself when it comes to me..I REST MY CASE.♡

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  4. What a perfect post to start my day, friend. Yes, when it comes to PS “I can run, but I can’t hide” … my feelings. Hahahaha.
    Thank you very much for making me “reunite” with my phantom love. 🙂 🙂 Hugs to you.

    Got to make sure though that I will read and finish this memoir. I will keep you posted. 🙂


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