My Morning’s Idiosyncrasy

With a restful sleep last night, I knew I did wake up on the right side of the bed this morning. 

In high spirits, I went through my Tuesday routine until my three sons had been fetched by their school service at 5:50 am. Afterwards, I did some checking but made sure that I’d set the alarm at 7:00 am for me to start preparing for work. I promised myself never would I be caught in a traffic jam or worse, encounter a vehicular mishap on my way again. For me, it’s a mortal sin to be tardy in my first class at 9:00 am. 
But alas! This freakishness struck that almost caused me my second tardiness this first semester. 
I picked an all-black attire for the day and then went to my ethnic tapestry to choose the accessories that would best complement it. 

ex2   ex1

It took me awhile to decide which one to wear until i had this short list.


I spent around 8 to 10 minutes choosing from this set only to settle with this necklace in going to San Beda College Alabang. 


Hahahaha… Woman (I am a woman!), you are indeed full of eccentricities!


4 thoughts on “My Morning’s Idiosyncrasy

  1. WJ I see myself in you back in the days! (makes me sound so old) I had a LOT of ethnic accessories that I’ve collected from my travels around PI when I was still with a theater group. I had so many T’boli glass beads necklace and bracelets that had lots of bells. I sure sounded like a walking wind chime when I was in college LOL.
    I stopped collecting them and gave my loot to friends a few years ago. My kids and accessories don’t go well. I just have a few pieces left (my favorites) that I keep safe away from my kiddos. 🙂

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  2. we are kindred spirits in the “theater” aspect, jhanis! i think my love for it has also led me to having this ethnic tapestry. wow! many t’boli accessories? i envy you. 😉 i have not yet owned one. they are expensive. i can relate. i had one necklace from davao with a bell. well, i think i was like a pup everytime i would wear it. hahahaha…

    i refer to my collection as my “unwanted heirloom”. God forbid if one of my sons would have an interest in them. 🙂 🙂


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