getting an “A” for effort

having a son who is a picky eater challenges my cooking ability. 

i have to come up with dishes which are sure to make him full, satisfied and happy. these victuals must include his very few favorites and of course the new, creative and experimental ones. his criterion for this dish which will make him really eat is my putting a lot of effort in preparing it. for him, witnessing my industry (not to mention my patience) in cooking a particular viand becomes a proof that i am coming out with a palatable deli. 
so tuesday last week was dubbed as “effort cooking to the highest level” for me when i decided to do lumpia shanghai (wj style because i included sliced crab sticks) or spring rolls. this is one vittle which demands a lot of forbearance from me having to do three phases in the cooking procedure. first is the cooking of the lumpia meat which is composed of ground or finely minced pork, chopped carrots and onions (chopping this bulb is what i dislike because i do shed a lot of tears which make my eyes puffy afterwards! huhuhuhu…). 
done with phase 1
done with phase 1
second step is the wrapping of the ground pork mix to make the egg roll. now, this is where the impatience began. separating the sticky lumpia wrapper individually took me long. i had to be careful in doing it because it would easily tear. i realized, the lumpia wrappers at the wet market are better than the ones at the supermarkets. imagine, i bought 40 wrappers, but i was only able to produce 27 since the rest was really sticking together! 
the ready to use 27 lumpia wrappers
with these 27 ready, i started with the wrapping and rolling. thanks to my mother who was an expert in making lumpia (hers though is made of ubod or the heart of the palm), i learned to use the egg to be able to seal it. 
the egg for sealing
the egg for sealing
putting the pork mix
putting the pork mix
rolling the wrapper
rolling the wrapper
third lumpia shanghai
third lumpia shanghai
the 27 egg rolls forming a pyramid
the 27 egg rolls forming a pyramid
of course you know what comes next. this is the frying which for me was a no-brainer. 
the first four
the first four
unexpectedly, i forgot to lower the heat which resulted to this. 
not mouthwatering in sight
overfried lumpia shanghai!!!!!! hahahaha.. and all along i thought it would be that easy. 
let’s see my next batch.
having the look of a real lumpia
having the look of a real lumpia
yehey, i did it! they are pretty much normal looking and ready for eating and judging. 
the first 15 lumpia shanghai
but i got to concoct first the vinegar sauce (ours is made from kaong or sugar palm fruit since we don’t use the commercial brands) with two cloves of garlic.
the perfect lumpia partner
for the other 12 unfried lumpia, they were kept in the fridge for our next day consumption since i knew that we wouldn’t be able to eat everything in one sitting even if my picky eater son showed a lot of satisfaction with my recipe.
indeed, this was another mission accomplished! you could have seen my ala-jack nicholson permanent grin. hehehehe. 
reserved for the next day
reserved for the next day


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