unstoppable rantings

i thought shipping our philippine national costume for men, barong tagalog, to another country would be fast and easy.


i thought wrong, very wrong, after being shown the “bible” for international air cargo laws in the very first global courier delivery services company that i went to at southmall last may 30, friday. 


the lone man in charge of the merged 2GO Express and FedEx branch informed me that these two embroidered formal shirts from divisoria failed to meet the stipulated no. 379 rule, ergo they couldn’t be shipped. i was flabbergasted. after my older sister, nano, had saved me the inconvenience of going to divisoria when she volunteered to buy these barongs as requested by my canada-based sister-in-law, there i was faced with the rub of finding and buying (again) what the man referred to as the “authentic” ones. 
you see, my husband’s younger sister’s family is about to take their canadian citizenship oath sometime in july. they wanted to don the philippine national costume as they pledge allegiance to a new country. it was a choice which elicited a little confusion from me, but later on made me appreciate them in opting to proudly show their ethnicity via their attire come ceremony day. 
now, back to my narration. reluctant to be convinced of the cited rule, i went to two more air freight forwarding companies, DHL and LBC, there at the mall. both reaffirmed the implementation of this f#@$%8!ing stringent rule. end of my query, but not my story. 
sunday, june 1, my three sons and i returned to southmall with the first destination in mind – kultura filipino.


a frequenter of this sm section, i was sure my errand would soon be accomplished as i saw the array of well-crafted men’s native apparel.

bt7 bt8

but first things first. i got to see whether these barong tagalog designs have the pre-requisite to make it outside of the philippines. 
brand label? check. 
bt5care instructions? check. 

bt3 bt4

fabric content…? where the f#@$%8! is the fabric content?!!!
the gracious sales lady kept on repeating that barongs at KF do not really have this. i heard her clearly, but i wanted to be sure before purchasing them lest my effort would again come to naught.
i first took photos of the brand label and the care instructions and went to the ground floor where the 2GO and FedEx office was. a different but younger man in charge was behind the counter to entertain all my inquiries while i presented the matching exhibits A, B and C in my mobile phone. minus the inclusion of the fabric content in the barongs, the man was also skeptical to have them shipped. i was slowly getting a little impatient and annoyed knowing that we had to practically spend some amount again and be subjected to this trouble just to abide by the law. well, i ain’t no lawbreaker, but hey, couldn’t he deduce that the needed info can already be read somewhere in the care instructions though no percentage of fabric content was printed? i read it aloud to knock some sense into him. perhaps, he could already see the astral projection of gabriela silang‘s spirit from me that the man finally told me to bring the barongs and informed me that he would just include the receipt (as proof of the seller and origin) in the shipment. at last, case closed. i rushed to KF where my three sons waited for me patiently and paid for the barongs which almost cost the same as the ones from divisoria.


then, i had my third and last trip to the shipping company. i expected it to be quick this time only to be derailed because of the two forms which i had to accomplish. oh well, the meticulous international laws again. 


these forms filled out, i had to take a sigh of relief in finally carrying out this mission despite my surprise that the shipment bill is more expensive than the total amount of the two barongs for my nephews!

bt14   bt15

take a look. the preceding two photos of me showed zero trace of the exasperation, eh? gee, with all the trouble the company had put me through, did i really allow myself to be pacified by this????? or is this more of a bribe to forget about my rantings?????

key chain

a key chain!
ha! no way. i am done with it and this token has to wait for its willing taker, user and promoter. hahahahaha.


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