Beauty and Joy in a Bottle

I discovered these empty perfume bottles in a small secret compartment of our bed headboard a week ago.

I was a little surprised for I have totally forgotten all about these breakable receptacles after my husband did not like the idea of displaying them in our room. I became happy while looking at them. Then, I chuckled and shook my head. They reminded me about a penchant which I was thankful did not escalate years ago because I wouldn’t be able to sustain and afford it. Hahahahaha!
Naw, I am not a collector of perfume bottles. These are just four of my favorite scents until I stick to Davidoff Cool Water Woman (Thanks to my lifetime [?] supplier!)


So why haven’t I disposed of these bottles yet?
For the simple reason that the beauty and color of these Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Bulgari, and Cool Water containers give me joy and affirmation that I am a natural woman.





These are not valuable and rare just like the vintage collectibles, but I will make sure that they will be in a safe place.

Could this be a sign of compulsive hoarding?
Obviously not. Perhaps, just one of my charming and tolerable oddness. 


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