WJ’s Caricature

At last, I have been caricatured!

mau caricature
My first legit caricature
A surprise memento given by one of my college best friends and “kumare“, Soc, during our long-delayed reunion last may 8 (see full story at https://wanderingjouster.com/2014/05/09/amistad/), this had me thanking her almost endlessly for I knew she paid a professional to work on it. I had to mention in my private message to her that I have been wanting to see myself cartoonized. At least I did not request someone (surely not my ever busy brother Joseph!)  to do it for me, thus making her gift even more precious. 
Today, I was able to find the perfect frame. Then, I looked for the spot where I could position it. 
mau framed caricature
Wishing that my hair would be like that even while running… 🙂
Ooops … not here! I wouldn’t want to be accused of narcissism neither for this frame to be mistaken as a rat poison substitute. Hahahaha. I just picked this corner in our living room for the photo shoot. This pencil sketch will join our other assorted framed family photos in the master’s bedroom. Seeing it every morning will certainly make me smile and remember how blessed I am and so with Francis, Luz, and Beth (our Qatar-based best friend) for having our ever sweet and thoughtful Soc in our lives. 

Mareng Soc, I want you to know that I will love you to the moon and back!

soc, francis and i -needing no cues to pose... :-)
Soc, Francis and WJ – needing no cues and direction to pose (photo credit:  https://www.facebook.com/luz.valeriano)
the deviants! :-)
The deviants!  (photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/luz.valeriano)


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