the search for the wandering running talisman

a monthly habit, which i fear may soon become quite hard to break, is developing in our household.

and do you know who the instigator is? it is my husband, larry.
for months now, he has been consistently sending us manna from jubail, ksa. requested or not, he would make sure that sky freight would deliver one or two balikbayan boxes in our residence. last week, the waiting took less than seven days. i was surprised but thankful because i did not have to make a follow-up call to the forwarding agent office and inquire about the delay. the more i was surprised when a plastic pack was labeled “nanay” (mother/mommy). pulling the contents i had the widest grin when i saw a black and a white nike running tops. 

nk1 nk2 nk5 nk6

immediately texting larry to thank him for his thoughtfulness and generosity, i also kiddingly expressed my wish that it would always be my birthday and mother’s day. these were his gifts for these two important occasions in my life. 
funny is, i have been torpid  to do regular running. the last time i did a run (an effortless and short run at that) was more than a week now. i was planning to run last may 11 around subic, but called it off. no scheduled running event for the month of may and even in june has enticed me. i am afraid this is partly triggered by something which i’d rather not mention in this article lest i’d be accused of starting a written bickering here. hahaha.

as of today, these high collar therma-fit jerseys are waiting to be worn by the she-knight. unfortunately, i am still in the process of repossessing my seemingly wandering running talisman.

hopefully when i get to retrieve it, my size S will have not doubled. Smiley



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