WJ’s Fab Five

Our family’s planned vacation in our province this end of may was nixed because my husband’s request for a 15-day break from his overseas work was not granted by his superior.

My three kings were crestfallen. As a result, my older brother thought of an idea to appease my sons’ disappointment upon knowing that they wouldn’t see their first cousins in Bicol. Yul (Long to us) decided to let his two sons, Yuji and Nico, spend part of their summer break in Manila. He informed me about the good news and I was ecstatically happy and thankful about it. Scheduled to stay with us on weekdays and to be fetched by their eldest and only sister, Yula, on weekends, the two are welcomed additional “sons” to me. So when I informed Arthur, Alexander and Lancelot about their arrival, they were as delighted as I am. 
Today marked the official start of their bonding time galore. Preparing myself for the various roles I would be performing to my five “boys”, I am sure that Iwould also derive gratification from this reunion after more than seven years.
the team to beat (alexander, yuji marce, arthur, yumar nico, and lancelot) with me as their self-appointed but unwanted coach...hahahaha!
the team to beat (Alexander, Yuji Marce, Arthur, Yumar Nico, and Lncelot) with me as their self-appointed but unwanted coach…hahahaha!
my five "sons" eight years ago during the metro manila film festival parade (december 2006)
my five “sons” more than seven years ago during the Metro Manila Film Festival parade (December 2006)
Watching them having a great time like siblings while playing basketball at Golezeum 16 elicited the smile which I thought had already abandoned my lips. Ha-ha.  
the mother of five this may
the mother of five this may
another "the only" moment
another “the only girl” moment
Tomorrow is another day to look forward to. I will just wait for the younger twin, Alexander, to present his day’s itinerary before approving it. I’ll see if it’ll be a great source of fun again to his four “brothers”.




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