black saturday RT

i have admitted that it’s a rarity for me to list down birthday wishes. i have stated my reason/s. 

what i would do instead is to subject myself to another level of challenge which is sure to give me complacency and self-fulfillment once it is passed with flying colors.
such is my standpoint that last black saturday, i dared myself to drive for the first time from las pinas city to tagaytay city with my three sons and niece christine as my co-road trippers. my daredevil spirit taunted me to do it at 4:30 p.m. i did not tell my passengers about our destination until one of my sons asked me. my youngest, lancelot, cheered upon hearing that we were tagaytay-bound. he was thinking that we would go to sky ranch again (see related story at then, i told him that it would be purely a road trip. 

rt1 rt2

rt8armed with a lot of  spunkiness, i traced the familiar route. traffic congestion was already building up at the opposite road when we were at aguinaldo highway. i silently hoped that it wouldn’t worsen as we progressed. well, the angels were with me. as timed, we reached tagaytay proper at around 6:15 p.m. passing at sky ranch, we were all reacting to the many people in this amusement park. a notice at the gate that the parking space was already full put to a standstill a queue of private vehicles which was about to enter the vicinity. good thing, lancelot did not insist on dropping by and adding to the big number of local tourists. 


rt6i continued driving and decided to look for the puzzle museum, which is a guinness world record holder for the world’s largest puzzle collection. after asking for directions twice, we were able to enter barangay  asisan. guided by reflectorized signages, i made sure that my eyes and my presence of mind were functioning properly. thanks to one of the twins, alexander, he was able to lighten the atmosphere which was beginning to smell of tension and eeriness (alexander recalled watching a similar scene in a horror film where the outcome became tragic…). to make up for it, he shared some jokes which elicited laughs from us despite the shallowness. now relaxed, we were able to reach the post which we were expecting to lead us to our final destination. then, everything halted. the steep road going to the mansion is not my territory.  my gutsiness had its end, too, you know. ha-ha! maneuvering the suv, we were on our way to leaving tagaytay city. 
stopping at colette’s for their delicious buko pie, i knew that the road trip had given us all a new height of experience. 

rt3 rt4 rt5

as for me, the wandering jouster, the road adventure was akin to earning a new medal from a combat. 

rtt3surely, there would be another one coming up soonest! 


photo credit:

christine mediavilo bernardino



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