My Good to Best Friday

April 18 was not only a  “good” Friday for me. 

It was the best.
Three children of my Naga-based sister, Jovy (obet), came in the afternoon and handed me a surprise advance birthday. Seeing the unexpected valuable present plus two books, I suddenly realized that my two nieces, Arianne and Christine and nephew Dave are already professionals. In fact, the sisters I think are earning much than their Tita Mau! Hahahaha…I was deeply touched despite being reminded that day that I was about to grow a year wiser (yup, not older), two days after for my real birthday (April 20), and three days after for my traditional birthday (April 21). 




While taking their late lunch, they informed me that their eldest brother would be coming home Easter Sunday after a nine-year continuous stay in Kuwait. This explained why only Christine would be staying with me though I also advised her to join her siblings in meeting his brother and sister-in-law at the airport. With the afternoon schedule laid down, I suggested a visit to their Tito Joseph at BF Homes, Paranaque City. I first texted my brother to confirm that he was in their abode. Once the reply was positive, we trooped to Classic Homes which is only a ten-minute drive from our residence.   
the same smile?
The same smile?
the first cousins and maxi
the first cousins and Maxi
knight with her cousin, ate arianne
Knight with her cousin, Ate Arianne
dave and arianne with the "stuffed" toy
Dave and Arianne with the “stuffed” toy
what is the common denominator? hehehe
What is the common denominator? Hehehe
After a light merienda we stayed for almost two hours giving my three sons time to play basketball in the court. I was about to forbid them from doing so because when we were young, my parents would not allow us to do any activity during Good Friday,  but remembered that  I have failed in instilling this old tradition to them. I saw the happiness of my children when they got my permission. That is why when they returned after an hour, no one looked grouchy during the picture-taking. 
with the favorite tito
with the favorite tito
rare pic with my busy brother
rare pic with my busy brother
enjoying "pinangat ni pando"
enjoying “Pinangat Ni Pando”
Good Friday was another rare time for our family to bond. Despite being incomplete, I was happy that my nieces, nephew, and sons were able to strengthen and even reglue the link that they have. With another planned summer “get-together” in the offing I am hoping that we will have a longer time to do the things which identify us as one closely-knitted family. 
As we dropped off Dave and Christine before going back to Moonwalk Village, I had the widest smile as I silently thanked these kins of mine who make me feel really loved and treasured. 
the siblings - christine, david and arianne
the siblings – Christine, David and Arianne

They are one of those who made me wish to live for another 45 years.

Again, thank you very much Tintin, Dave and Ayan!


Photo Credit:

Christine Mediavillo Bernardino

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