Fitting for a Tribal Queen

I can only count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I had wished for something on my birthday. 

Yes, I have taught myself not to make wishes because I don’t want to pressure people, the genie, and even God and neither make me anticipate anything I earnestly wanted but could not be granted (now, that rhymes!). As expected, I did not express any for my 45th, which is actually today. Surprisingly, I had my young blue fairies in disguise. 
In my preceding article at, I talked about these surprise gifts from my nieces and nephew. 


With these were actually another set of presents from my niece, Yula, who is the eldest daughter of my brother Yul. She requested her cousins to bring them on her behalf since she had already left for Bicol.  
My eyes dilated upon seeing these beauties!

gf5 gf6 gf8 gf7gf9

Bought as her “pasalubong”  from her Nepal trip, these ethnic and tribal accessories also marked my 45th natal day exceptionally special. This is my first time to own Tibetan and Nepali jewels. The exotic and superb craftsmanship had me almost sending unstoppable sms to my giver. I soooo love them!
Now, got to face this update: the available space for my collection in my ethnic tapestry has been reduced. Hahahaha.
For knowing and supporting your Tita Mau’s weakness, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Yula.

collage mau2 collage mau1collage mau3

I know your own fashion sense makes it easy for you to choose what will accessorize and please an obsessed but frustrated tribal queen. 😊


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