M and M

I have seen myself playing the role of a guardian to any of my nieces and nephews, but never to a dog!😆😊

Ooops…I am not complaining about this new job which I gladly accepted from my older brother Joseph late this afternoon. You see, he and his daughter will be leaving for a five-day stay in Bicol, our beloved province. Initially, they would bring their white shih tzu on their trip since no one would be left in their house.  
maxi in his temporary shelter
Maxi in his temporary home

Seeing the inconvenience that they would undergo, I volunteered to be his substitute “mama.” Hehehe. All for the love of my brother and niece. 

Tonight, the mau (cat) has to retract her claws to be super duper friendly to my ward — Maxi.  






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