escapism is defined in the oxford dictionary as the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, esp. by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

in a psychology dictionary, it is defined as the tendency of a person to escape from the real world to one of delight or security.
curious why this is my overture? don’t be. Smiley i feel that this is the best way to introduce the activity that my two speech communication classes had last week.
a springboard for my discussion about “self-image” and “self-concept” (under intrapersonal communication), i let these college students create their mini-“me” from recyclable materials which they gathered (some scavenged!) around the CAS (college of arts and sciences) building within 30 minutes. it was a challenge to produce a clone-like figure. while i was making the explanation before deploying them, i saw varied facial expressions from my listeners. i tried clearing the air with the line that it would provide them a temporary escape from their real self. 
given an extension to polish their work which they started inside the classroom, they submitted to me the photos (which had to be taken in the campus) of their creations via our facebook group. the result was smile-inducing when i encountered their alter egos in diverse forms – discernible and indiscernible! 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

what followed was the oral activity where each student had to justify their creation when their work was flashed in the powerpoint which i prepared. with the criteria in a holistic rubric which was provided prior to the next meeting, the first set of speakers turned our day into one of the most memorable and interactive sessions for the month of february. 


counted as their quiz number 2, this is divided into three phases. the last stage will be comprised by a short written reflection which will attest their comprehension of the lessons at hand and their realization why “knowing thyself”  is of vital importance.  

through this requirement, i want them to consider escapism healthy as long as they can draw a clear boundary between reality and fantasy. if they succeed, this will lead to realigning themselves and approaching the truth with a more positive outlook in life. 


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  1. what a ‘transcendental’ activity for college students! thumbs up!

    (BTW. I have a wordpress account finally. Feel free to read and follow me. Also feel free to critic my writings! Thanks and missing you so much! 😀 )


    1. hi, abi. it’s wonderful to hear from you again.thank you very much for the nice word, thumbs up and follow. 🙂

      i will surely visit your blog, too. glad to know that you have decided to be a part of wordpress family. you are such a talented writer.

      missed our talk. hope school is as enjoying as ever. 🙂 by the way, sarah jeon is already graduating.


      1. Thank you Mentor! I’ve been actively involved in our majorship’s newsletter and recently in our 9th Literature week’s literary contest, thanks be to God for letting me with my groupmates win the said contest (for poetry genre). So I’m not only being honed here in Inang Pamantasan as a future teacher, but also here in our majorship as a future writer too. 🙂

        I know she’s already graduating..and it makes me realize that time flies even faster than imagined. Hehe. Hope you’re also doing great there and I can see that you are. Ahh. we must do this catching-up thing more often! 🙂


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