Garet’s FPW

Talk about girly stuff with my three boys and you will find yourself talking to the wind as they stage a walk out from you.

This familiar reaction would always bring a smile to my lips and the reassurance that my sons’ gender preference is unquestionable. Hallelujah!
Well, it’s the opposite every time i am with my niece, Margaret. Obviously, man’s “stuff” and “talk” have not been introduced to her innocent mind at age seven. we, her family, definitely do not want to corrupt her naivety. 
Yesterday though was a test whether she would show interest in this boy thing when she was accompanied by my sister Nano, who slept over in their place, in watching the twins and Lancelot play basketball at Golezeum 16. Garet’s awkwardness evidenced her first time to handle a basketball ball and dribble it in a court. I gave her encouraging words and a quick demo which did not elicit full interest in doing it right. I chuckled and accepted the fact that our niece has chosen her own source of entertainment and happiness. And this is 101% stereotypical girly girl! 
Tsararararan… drown yourself in Garet’s fantastic “plastic world.”




This is her collection of assorted dolls — from Barbie,




to Bratz,

















and Lahdeeda!


Personally making an inventory of her collection (which turned out to be a ventilating outlet for my cooped up negative emotions…hehe), I was stupefied! If this were her “crazy  obsession,” her father should make sure that she has a trust fund to support it. Ha-ha! I had to say this upon knowing the cost of each doll from my sister Nano. For the price of each doll (esp the small Lalaloopsy), I could already buy myself a pair of shoes! It had me recalling the first and only doll I had in my whole life which I bought for only php 1.50 (see fact 13 at !
Looking at these toys, I released the child in me. With gusto, I inspected their attire and tried fixing it. I had so much fun admiring the unique fashion sense of each figure. In fact, I had to pick my best two from these fabulously-garbed small mannikins. 
exotic-looking beauties are really my type! hahaha...
exotic-looking beauties are really my type! hahaha…
standing out among the bratz dolls
standing out among the bratz dolls

How I wish they would have their own blue fairy godmother just like Pinocchio! Without doubt, they would be a beauty to behold once life is breathed unto them. Oh my! I really am a girl. Hahahahaha. 

Now, I cannot blame my brother and everyone who has continuously gifted Garet with these trendy dolls. I am certain it was never their intention to develop an expensive hobby in Garet. I know, as a father, seeing his daughter’s joy in her own world will always be more valuable than these lifeless creations. 
our Garet with her well-loved friends



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