Galloping in My Nike Flyknit Air Max

I am an impatient person, thus seeing me forbearing for more than three months is indeed a miracle. Ha-ha!

Choosing “patience is a virtue” as my buzzword during this period of waiting, I have succeeded in restraining myself in verbalizing this exasperation.
As a prize, my own version of  “Waiting for Godot” was finally over last February 1 when I laid my eyes on this pair of running shoes at Nike Stadium in Alabang Town Center.


fly7 fly4

I was an early victim of Eros’ arrow in time for Valentine’s Day (which I do not actually observe…hahaha!) when I immediately fell in love with the pink flash/atomic orange/black Nike Flyknit Air Max. Requesting for my size to be fitted, I knew I would not walk out of the shop without it. And mind you, the breaking in did not even take long!
For six full hours yesterday, I hung around with my new pair of running shoes from our village to Evia Grounds, Daang Reyna. The scheduled 35-k training run did provide me ample time to assess Flyknit as my feet began adapting to it on Day 1. 
So, what is the judgment of someone whose satisfaction in her shoes is quite challenging to meet?

These shoes will indubitably not fail me in conquering one of my ultimate dreams in the running arena come April. 

I am glad the manufacturer of Flyknit was true to what it has guaranteed. Lifting in toto what Nike has claimed at, allow me to share with you what this latest innovation in running shoes has in store for us runners.


For the first time, Nike has paired innovative Nike Flyknit technology with the ultra-cushioned ride of Air Max. Nike Flyknit allows designers to precision-engineer areas of support and breathability into a virtually seamless upper, delivering a superior, lightweight fit. The Flyknit Air Max also integrates Flywire technology for additional support throughout the upper.

kn2The Nike Flyknit Air Max offers runners a lighter, more flexible and ultra-cushioned ride and are highlighted by a two-color faded airbag. Nike designers leveraged runner’s insights combined with data from the Nike Sports Research Lab to increase flexibility and decrease weight in the outsole. To further improve the design, the team incorporated unique flex grooves that encourage a smoother transition. Shaving even more weight, the designers took a cue from Nike’s heritage by using a redesigned Waffle outsole for better traction.


The Nike Flyknit Air Max is the latest introduction to the legendary Air Max franchise. The original Nike Air Max 1 was the first shoe to feature visible air and revolutionized the athletic footwear industry, reshaping the design landscape for performance running footwear. In the years following, Air Max shoes have become the epitome of running performance and style.


Tonight,  as I did my one-hour medium effort run at Alabang Hills Village, I zipped through Don Manolo Avenue minus the unexpected discomfort i experienced yesterday due to the socks which I used. I even overtook two runners along the way. Good that they had no chance to interview me for my seemingly oversupply of energy or else I would be giving the credit to my new footgear, which is a promise fulfilled by my husband Larry. 



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