Let’s Get Wicked

The one word title of this broadway musical had me hooked to it.

Adding to its catchiness more was the negativeness of its meaning which is an apt description of  me when my GD (guardian devil) would vanquish me. Hahaha. Seriously, the captivating power of this musical to the Filipino audience and to me is the plot itself  plus the awesome world-class Australian Production behind it.


Opening on January 22 at the CCP Main Theater, “Wcked” had immediately bewitched the local theater community resulting to  its buzzing and raving about it especially the performance of the lead cast Suzie Mathers (aka Glinda, the good witch) and Jemma Rix (aka Ephaba, the Wicked Green Witch). 
image source: https://twitter.com/SuzieMathersPH
Suzie Mathers (image source: https://twitter.com/SuzieMathersPH)
image source: www.couriermail.com.au
Jemma Rix (image source: http://www.couriermail.com.au)
On my part, I restrained myself from reading an article about the premier night so as not to preempt my own review which will happen on February 22, Saturday. Yup, I will have the chance to experience this musical with my sister Nano 21 days from now! Lucky for her to still purchase two tickets which were really selling like hot cakes. A broadway musical enthusiast like me, my sister will be my perfect date again as we get to share and perform some wickedness once in a while. 

Ting! It’s time to be wicked and I am soooooo excited! 


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