a mau’s banquet

i encoded my students’ midterm grades this second semester in the prism and posted them five days before the due date. 

it was an accomplishment, deserving of a reward last january 22! as a result, i allowed my wandering feet to lead me towards bf homes which is just a few minutes’ trip from san beda. taking a trike, i knew where i would have my “intimate date” with myself. 


this is the third korean restaurant which i have been eyeing to go into after discovering it during my weekend training runs along aguirre street. living up to the meaning of my sobriquet “mau”, i salivated like a cat when i passed by these mouthwatering pictures.


image source: http://www.catster.com/
image source: http://www.catster.com/
hence, at an unholy hour that wednesday afternoon, i entered the diner to finally put an end to my inquisitiveness whether or not it also serves my comfort food. i was customer number 2. 
the well-attired service crew were all cordial upon seeing me. a male waiter immediately approached me with the menu. without opening it, i inquired whether they had  odeng. he responded with a curt “no”  which had me studying the bill of fare with alien-looking dishes whose names were all greek to me. so, i had to utter my spiel when it’s my first time to be in a resto. asking what their bestseller is, i released a sigh of relief upon hearing the word  galbitang. 
i am very familiar with this soup since this was my favorite at sam won (read story at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/07/12/wjs-comfort-food/). suddenly missing its flavor, i settled for it plus samgyupsal gui (grilled pork belly). 


but screeeeeeech!!!!!! my order was not immediately served and so with the appetizers which were actually the first reason why korean restaurants became enticing to me.  it took them around 10 minutes before i was able to see their set of hors d’oeuvres. 


my eyes quickly took note of these new starters.

nk2 nk4 nk8

good for them. serving these novelties was their redeeming value for the  slow service! i had to give them credit for this. with all my orders on the table, i was ready for the banquet.


i consumed an hour to finish my late lunch. it could have been shorter if not for an annoying gatecrasher – a  blowfly! grrrrrrrr. given a one point demerit for its questionable sanitation, it made up through the savory taste of the korean dishes and the presence of a playroom.

nk12 nk11

uniquely designed to be appealing to its clientele, jang ga nae would stay in the business for long despite its slightly high priced foods and its hygienic cleaning that needs improvement.
ladies and gentlemen, i have just expressed my fearless forecast. 


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