San Beda College Alabang’s Sinulog

I promised myself that I would go back to this city after setting foot on it September 12-14, 2007 during the CEAP (Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines) National Convention.

But for more than six years now, my visiting Cebu City to thoroughly explore it and scout for more unique ethnic accessories has remained unfulfilled. Rekindling this unrealized longing was my reading detailed accounts about the recently concluded Sinulog  festival last January 19. This is one fiesta that I have wished to witness in this metropolis, which was once the capital of the Philippines.  Believe me, seeing the lovely photos of this colorful celebration seemed too much to bear.  
Thanks to San Beda College Alabang’s version of the Sto. Nino Festival last January 17-18, it somewhat lessened this intense yearning. Attending this religious occasion which was begun in 1904 in the Benedictine community (read short history at,  I was teleported to the “Queen City of the South”. 
image source:
image source:

Day 1: January 17, Friday 

image source:

image source:


image source:

image source:

image source:

image source:

image source:

image source:

These excellent animated snapshots were grabbed from It was during this time that I was stuck in a heavy traffic inside the San Beda campus on my way to the oval, thus missing the early part of the opening ceremony. 
cursing and bearing with the 30-minute traffic inside the campus
bearing with the 30-minute traffic inside the campus
If the heavy traffic flow were not eased, I would have totally failed in joining this annual grand affair. 

v18 v19

image source:
image source:

v17 v20 v22 v21 v24 v25 v27 v23

Day 2: January 18, Saturday

Day two of this fiesta had me going to San Beda with the younger twin Alexander, and my youngest son as early as 6 am! I did not want to experience the same torture in the traffic and my bugbear, parking. Aside from this reason, it was Lancelot’s field demonstration at 7:30 am knowing knight too well every time there is an important event like this in school, I knew he would hate me if he were late. So the second day was stress-free making me enjoy the whole proceedings which lasted for more than two hours. 

knights group v1 v5 v6 v7 v8 v9 v11 v2 v3 v4

Going home, I could feel a different energy that engulfed the three of us. Could this be the result of our attending this affair for the past four years now? Turning into a family devotion, this Sto. Nino Fiesta has likewise made me realize that I have subconsciously revived my parents’ faithfulness to the Holy Child Jesus

Viva Sto. Niño! Pit Senyor!


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