the perfect 10

i will make this article brief since up to now, i am still wallowing in joy which i had with my high school batchmates last december 27, friday. 

the first seven (image source:
the first seven (image source:
one of the shots where we were a little serious. (image source:
one of the shots where we were a little serious. (image source:
... for a wacky shot!
… for a wacky shot!
in green and the green-minded
in green and the green-minded
clowning outside TGI friday's  minus the missing franie
clowning outside TGI friday’s minus the missing franie
or rather, i am still resting my jaw from too much guffawing with enjoyment and amusement in that get-together. the last bonding for this year, there’s no other apt title to it but this bo derek’s monicker. 
with the presence of  mau mediavillo-gines (aka wj, that’s me!), janet caro-sibayan, med mediavillo, yep balde, razi velasco, jr., ren acebuche, gary jadie, analyn lopera-carrasco, jing martinez-bruno, and  franie cresencio (in order of arrival/appearance…hehe), TGI friday’s at alabang town center became even more pandemonic. the conversation turned from serious to not so serious then to never serious. the same old stories were unearthed making us wonder whether the persons who were directly involved (and happened to be present) would be offended or not. well, this is part of the challenge every time you join the reunion of buhs 86. if you are thin-skinned, better think twice or else, you might turn into a party pooper. Smiley hehehehe. anyway, none from the manila group would like to be called a spoiler and that includes me! Smiley
we maximized our stay in the venue even after yep and razi left earlier. with us eight remaining (oops…got our mini-gary jadie in the person of his eldest son bj, who’s counted as the 11th attendee…haha) we were able to entertain exciting and very feasible plans for 2014. hearing them drew out varied reactions but all leading to a unanimous reply “YES” to the realization of that  “bleep-bleep project”. Smiley


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