the anointed substitutes

originally concocted to be commemorated via a second ultra marathon, my 16th wedding anniversary was  celebrated today with major modifications.

could have been my second ultra
could have been my second ultra
topping these changes was of course the start and finish areas. from kawit, cavite (the starting point) to laguna (the finish line) i had to mark classic homes village at bf homes as the lone replacement.  
documentation at the start area
impatiently or excitedly waiting for the gun start? ha-ha
as i exited the gate once “my tracks” application was turned on, the familiar route to and at the manila memorial park welcomed me. 


surely, everything in this map by is unfamiliar to me!
this “hero to hero 50 k ultra” was began at 11 pm yesterday with a 10-hour cut off time. my gun start was at 10:30 a.m. today sans the required number of hours so as not to DNF. i took all the time in the world doing my patternless run-walk program. i even had a detour again to my sister-in-law’s resting place. this had me chancing upon prof. algene de guzman, a bedan coteacher, who was also visiting his deceased relative a few meters away from she’s tomb.
offering a prayer for my beloved sister in law
offering a prayer for my beloved sister in law
small world for us bedan teachers
small world for us bedan teachers
in an ultra marathon, spending a few minutes for pleasantries is classified as taboo. well, i committed it and no one was around to snap (sweetly though) on me. hahahahaha. yup. my running coach/pacer was obviously nowhere in sight. i was practically running solo. well, this could have been the scenario if i did push through with my plan to join C2L. 
resorting to selfie shot number 1
resorting to selfie shot number 1
selfie shot number 2
selfie shot number 2
timing and mapping my run, i left the memorial park quarter to one o’clock. the heat was already scorching.  i spent seconds recalling my experience in the mayon trail run (MTR) in 2011.
4.25 distance covered before "my tracks" application was accidentally turned off
4.25 distance covered before “my tracks” application was accidentally turned off
with 1/4 remaining of my hydration, i increased my pacing as i passed by sm bf homes and ran along the busy president’s avenue. at 1:03 p.m. and with all the water consumed in my small nike jug, i reached my finish line – the golezeum 16. my three sons were still playing basketball and did not show any sign to leave once they saw me finishing my heat (really hot!) training run. 
need you ask more? hahahaha
the continuation - additional 5.45k
the continuation – additional 5.45k
totaling the distance i had covered, i was tempted to run 6.30k more to make it 16k. hmmm… truly, symbolic. but, i eventually surrendered to the two H’s – heat and hunger. 
yes, there was no fanfare for my reaching the finish line, no photographers on-stand by to capture my raising the finish banner and receiving my medal and trophy, and no congratulatory wishes from fellow runners. what i got were all intangible rewards – enjoyment, joy, self-fulfillment, and comfort. this last “prize” which i mentioned was specially provided by something which i would be talking about in my next article. 
for now, let the wj continue relaxing her muscles just to pretend that she did gun for her second 50k. Smiley


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