encore for the tres marias

two down. one more to go.

this is the number of reunions (of sort) where i had a hand in organizing and where i confirmed my attendance. 
today, the second one was successfully held and mind you, there was a 100% attendance unlike last december 13 (see post at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/12/20/the-7-night-jammers/).  well, this  was what i really expected for there were only two invitees – merlinda gorospe mercado and suzette gutierrez palao. SmileySmiley
the two invitees
the two invitees – miss merly and zette
miss merly and zette are the two persons whom i have considered as my best friends in san beda college alabang since 2011 (read related entry at https://wanderingjouster.com/2012/11/21/not-for-sale-stress-free-day/). even if the latter had already changed her affiliation and it had somewhat affected our regular communication, our friendship has remained strong and we want to keep it that way. unsurprisingly, it was not difficult to get the nod of the two for our first official get-together since the month suzette had left us. 
setting the assembly time at 11 a.m. in our rendezvous, i knew things would happen as planned. initially thought of as a surprise for the two, i had decided to tell them that it would be my simple christmas gift to them when suzette sweetly requested to meet in a nearer place from bacoor, cavite due to heavy traffic in going to las pinas city. of course she concurred to have it at bf homes, paranaque city; however, it was only miss merly who knew what would really happen today.
being the organizer/hostess for this simple gathering, i brought our car since my target venue for our private date was a familiar territory for me.  i was confident i wouldn’t feel harassed. ha-ha.
ever consistent, zette was the first one to arrive at the waiting shed of puregold moonwalk branch. waiting for miss merly gave the two of us a few minutes to exchange the most recent stories about each other. remember, i had the chance to be with zette last november 30 (read story at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/12/14/weddings-beauty-in-all-angles/). it was in the course of our chat that i squealed where i would be bringing them. 
first itinerary was to have a one-hour whole body massage at tunhuang spa. having placed an early reservation, i was expecting that everything was already prepared when we arrived at the place. unfortunately, it was delayed for around 30 minutes since the third therapist had to be waited for. our waiting was spent at little rio, the adjacent japanese diner. here we continued with our stories while sharing one order of kani salad, which served as our appetizer. 
turning japanese while waiting
turning japanese while waiting
projecting infectious smiles
projecting infectious smiles
post-appetizer shot
post-appetizer shot
capturing happiness
capturing happiness…blurred though
our plates were already empty when the receptionist announced that we would now be attended to. well, this was an understatement. it should read: “…that we would now be pampered as queens.”
only one word would describe our state after the swedish massage: DE-STRESSED. 
enjoying the post-massage ginger tea
enjoying the post-massage ginger tea
loving the light feeling!
loving the light feeling!
massage done, we proceeded to the second and last part of the day’s program. eating in my favorite korean resto!
ready with the chopsticks
warm-up exercise before eating?
waiting for my recommendation - odeng!
waiting for my recommendation – odeng!
finally the two bowls
finally the two bowls
additional new viand
additional new viand
from japanese to korean food
from japanese to korean food
both first timers in trying authentic korean cuisine, my companions looked satisfied with the new taste that they had discovered. they sounded just like me the first time i ate these oriental dishes. what made me smile was knowing that they also liked the odeng. now, let us see if they will also become addicted to this comfort food of mine. Smiley
at exactly three o’ clock, our very private meeting concluded. we did not anymore wish for a longer time because we knew there would be a repeat in the offing. 
our former CAS dean call us TRES MARIAS
our former CAS dean called us TRES MARIAS.


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