Royal Sunday Wellness

Our Sunday today was spent for fitness and wellness. 

Leaving our residence late due to the unexpected visit of my parents-in-law, our “Uranus gang” headed to Classic Homes to drop off the twins for their one-on-one basketball tourney. My youngest son and my niece Christine went with me to Manila Memorial Park (MMP) for my (now) heat training run at past 11 am!
As a routine, we visited my sister-in-law’s resting place.
documented double checking from tin if we're on the right spot :-)
documented double checking from Tin if we’re on the right spot
Tin’s visit after more than a year
Then, parking followed. I would always do this along the road of Plaza of Dignity XIX near Ninoy and Cory Aquino’s tombs. Using their resting place as my landmark, I would easily find our vehicle afterwards. 
Our troika first approached the simple mausoleum and found a little amusement from first-time visiting kapampangans as they excitedly had their souvenir photos taken one after the other.
we had the same feeling the first time... (photo credit: christine m. bernardino)
we had the same feeling the first time…
My niece recalled our being there a few days after Cory was buried in 2009. Just like our ritual of going to She’s place, it’s the same with the Aquinos. No more photo-op for us since we already had several there. We left the vicinity and faced our agendum. But, first things first.

tying shoes 3

tying shoes2

picking slippers

With the WJ all geared up, we do step 1. 
warming up before the heat training run
warming up before the heat training run
And off we goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
then. off we go!
first time to run side by side with my niece
tin and knight's tandem
Tin and Knight’s tandem
running from an invisible runner? awooooooooo!
running from an invisible runner? 
resting under the shade
resting under the shade
obviously enjoying her first run in a cemetery...hahaha
obviously enjoying her first run in a cemetery…hahaha
walk break for the knight
demanding a long walk break for the Knight
checking on our youngest companion
checking on our youngest companion
letting him hydrate
With the rise in temperature, with the attack of Knight’s slight brattiness, and with the text of one of the twins, Tin and I had no choice but to cut short our run. Checking the record in “my tracks” mobile application, I found out that we had just covered 3 kilometers in 30 minutes. Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is the very distance for a beginner like Knight!
Camera 360
But if you would look at this series of shots, you might think that I had trained real hard and looooong for my second ultra marathon. Gotcha! Hahahaha. 


Now, who could oppose a genuine Knight in the family? Another knight? Nah. Remember, I am just self-proclaimed…well, more of an impostor. 
Without attempting to convince Lancelot to just stay in the car while we complete at least 10k, we had to go back to Golezeum and shed some more calories as Tin and Knight joined the “exclusive” basketball game of my twins for awhile. 

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

And as for me who was counted as an “extra” number, I just had to do some dribbling and lame shooting before finally declaring it the end of our very sporty day. 



 Photo Credit:

Christine M. Bernardino

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