happiness is where the ARTIS

i passed by this shop at aguirre street, bf homes, paranaque city in one of my training runs early august this year. 


its name did not register in my bank of memory at once. what i was able to remember clearly were the two tarpaulins bearing the different logos of branded fashion apparels, footwear, bags, and accessories. 



the next day, i found myself at the doorstep of artis which commenced a patronage from me after purchasing imported under armour tops in very reasonable prices. they were the ones that accompanied me in my journey to my first ultra marathon.
late this morning, i brought a new patron (hopefully not a competitor…haha!) in the person of my sister nano who “babysitted” again for my boys while i was in camp crame last night. her dilated eyes upon seeing the different merchandise had me convinced that she liked what she saw inside. a bazaar junkie like me, nano would know how to spot and nail a good buy in shops like this. 
my sister nano at work
haggling with aiza
and succeed she did! finding two pretty blouses, a burberry bag, and a blue leather belt, she had given herself early birthday and christmas gifts which she truly deserved. Smiley
now, aren’t you becoming curiouser and curiouser about artis? allow me to give you a visual tour of this place. 
racks of pre-owned but of good quality women clothes
racks of pre-owned but of good quality women clothes
first class replicas of branded bags (i.e., yves saint laurent, chanel, burberry, etc.)
first class replicas of branded bags (i.e., yves saint laurent, chanel, burberry, etc.)
brand-new handpainted quicksilver sandos
brand-new handpainted sandos
NBA jerseys
NBA jerseys
NBA basketball shorts
NBA basketball shorts
trinkets and accessories
trinkets, accessories, and original perfumes
sunglasses, belts, jewelries, etc.
sunglasses, belts, jewelries, etc.
men's suignature footwear
men’s and women’s signature footwear
branded ladies shoes
branded ladies shoes which unfortunately did not fit me! 🙂
catchy dresses on-display
catchy dresses on-display
tempting the wj for months now...
tempting the wj for months now…
haven’t i whet your appetite yet?
if you are thinking that this is a typical “ukay-ukay” (jumble sale/used clothing sale) shop, you are in for a surprise once you set foot on this. but aiza and ryan, the first two original sales persons in charge of the shop, were very honest enough to admit that some goods were pre-owned, first class replicas, and factory overruns. frankly, this openness was the one which made me continue visiting this shop once i am texted about their new arrivals. from the start, i knew they were not hired to deceive their customers. 

for the times i had dropped by artis, i was able to see other customers there. i tell you these are people who could afford to buy fresh items in expensive boutiques, but had chosen to go to this shop because they’re sure to be satisfied with what they would take home.

recalling the male customer whose haggling skills were put to test as he returned for a black leather travelling bag worth php 5,000 and an authentic frogman edition of a g-shock watch for php 8,500 i could sense that he would finally surrender to aiza’s last price. i could see it in his eyes that he would buy them now or else he would regret it just like me who returned there today to buy a white bag which was already bought a week after i saw it. Smiley


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