wandering for my TOSH 4

TOSH (the old spaghetti house)  at market! market!, bonifacio global city was the fourth branch i have entered.



and mind you, i still can’t get enough of their pesto with grilled chicken and bottomless house blend iced tea. 


the best treat for myself yesterday afternoon, it made me temporarily forget my craving for another comfort food – the odeng



burping and savoring the lingering taste of the basil leaves in my mouth, i left the service crew with the most cheerful and satisfied grin of a fully-loaded  cat. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “wandering for my TOSH 4

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  1. yesterday afternoon…that means you were there on the 22nd, it was a Saturday. Why didn’t I see you there? I am a daily passerby of TOSH because I am doing some business ( with Nicole) just right across the street .However, I never get to taste their pesto. We simply do our own at home after the nanny taught me the secret. Try it for the kids.It’s readily available at the supermarket( pick your choice from McCormick to other brands)
    Btw, it’s been quite a while…


  2. hello, beng, yes, that’s november 22, but a friday. where you there on a saturday? 🙂

    oh, i see. nicole is your tutee? college na ba sya?

    since you know how to make one (and i am sure it’s yummy), you need not taste TOSH’s pesto. 🙂 unfortunately, my three boys are loyal to spaghetti, carbonara and lasagna. the basil leaves are not appealing to them.

    yes, friend. it’s been quite awhile. i hope everything’s fine with you. thanks a lot for dropping a note. i know you are preoccupied with something also. 🙂 🙂


  3. I am a daily visitor at Serendra which is just across TOSH. Nicole is only in third year high. It’s funny that we can only get to communicate and talk about this friendly chat in here. I haven’t changed my cp number anyway, haha.

    I have to correct myself about calling your boys ” kids” ( except lance who still look like a tot) after seeing their pics together with you. They are so tall ! Why not introduce to them to other pasta. You can make your own pesto that will go with their palate.

    Everything is okay na except that I am back to my heavy weight, huhu, but still no intention of running my “weigh” to fitness.


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