In My Solitude

I am home alone making me clearly recall events in our lives that have become indelible.

What happened on this date is one of them. Who will ever forget the day She, my sister-in-law, joined her Creator two years ago? 


Sending an sms early this morning to my sisters Olen, Obet, Nano, my brother Long and his wife, and Larry, I reminded them to remember She and offer a prayer for her. I did not have to do this to another brother, Joseph, her husband. I am sure he had not forgotten as well. 

tin's reco and graduation day, march 19, 20, 2010 063

Today, as I continue to convince myself that I have partly stopped dwelling on our loss, I have finally decided to share to you the eulogy for She which I delivered straight from my heart.

Good evening.

 I prefer not using the microphone because after knowing that I will be lauding She tonight, I have been conditioning my mind that I will just deliver a very special lecture, and not a eulogy. I think, we have all identified the word “eulogy” to being mushy and just like Teri, I also do not like crying in front of you for I have been doing that from Day 1 . To add, I do not want my brother Joseph, Nonoy to us, to cut me in the middle of my crying and tell me, “Stop crying, Maureen. She doesn’t like that. She wants us to be happy and smiling.” I am an obedient youngest sister to my brother, thus I want this to be a tear-free moment.

 So, who is She to me and my family? Allow me to share my own picture of She via an acrostic.


 “S” in her name is…

S – ELFLESS. That is She. A paragon…an epitome of  selflessness. Always more concern with the need of others than with her own. The comfort and the happiness of other people become her priority. Hers will always take a backseat. In one of the stories of Nonoy, She would still be willing to give even the last money that she has in her wallet. It doesn’t matter if they, too, are in need of that.

 “H” is for …

H-UMBLE. I don’t know if my senior moment is attacking me right now, but what I remember the first time Joseph told us that he would already get married were the two pieces of  information about She which Joseph relayed to us. First, she’s half-Bicolana and half-Davaoenia; and second, she is the woman of his dream. Other pertinent information, actually impressive info about her, came in trickles during the course of their marriage. And she was not the first source. She never bragged about her  educational attainment of being a graduate of Ateneo de Davao University, her family background nor the talents/skills that she  possesses —  painting, candle-making, sewing, interior designing, cooking, etc. A jill-of-all-trade I would say. In fact, it was only recently that we learned that she’s related to people and a friend to several who are the who’s who in the entertainment world and even in politics.

“E” is for…

E- LOQUENT. One will always be amazed when she starts speaking for she’s articulate, fluent, forcible, and elegant. Indeed, she is a woman of substance. She can spend long time discussing anything under the sun. From health, food, fashion, business, down to the latest showbiz buzz.

“I” is for…

I-INTELLIGENT. This is very much evident when you get to talk with She. In fact, she can give Shamcey Supsup a run for her money during the question and answer portion. The kind of answer  she would give you would surely make you wiser because of the wisdom she gets to share with you.

“L” is for …

L-OVING. She gave us love freely and unconditionally. I think this is the main reason why many have been paying their last respects to her. She made us feel loved despite the brief and rare encounters with her. And my family and I were very lucky recipients of this love.

“A” is for …

A-NGELIC. I guess everyone will agree with me that she deserves this adjective for she has shown us the virtues of an angel. At a closer look at She’s pictures in the AVP, one finds an ever-smiling cherub ready to watch over us.

If there’s one thing that I like to tell She now, it is my failure to learn her sotanghon recipe. I am not sure if I will still find another person who will have the patience like her to share and explain to me her secrets in cooking.

She, I know it’s not goodbye for us but “So long.” Please stay close so that we won’t be so lonely once we have started feeling the void. Continue guiding and watching over Nonoy and Garet so that they will pull through this sadness.

For the  beautiful colors you have brought to our family, thank you very much, She! We are truly lucky to have you for 11 years.

We love you, She!




nonoy's pre-birthday lunch 18

pop bday fun! 023


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