La Naturel

My being on chaperone duty to my boys yesterday morning gave me the opportunity to visit my older brother’s house in Classic Homes Village.

The covered court there became the playground of my three sons who didn’t have classes (again!) due to their teachers’ seminar. 
Being a week day, Joseph/Nonoy was of course in his office. Surprisingly, his daughter Margaret was in the house. I immediately asked her Ate Gene who informed me that it was my niece’s rest day from school. 
my niece with her lalaloopsy dolls
My niece with her Lalaloopsy doll
Garet then became my reason to go back to the house and just wait there after staying for half an hour with my three sons and Arthur’s friend/classmate at the Golezeum 16.  My boys liked what I did since my being near them while playing basketball might earn them the label “mama’s boys.”



Well, my decision was perfect for I did not only bond with my niece, but I was also able to reinspect the interior of my brother’s abode. Evidently, it still bore the personal touches of my deceased sister-in-law, who was an interior designer by profession. Their pieces of furniture and knick-knacks were on the same location the last time she was still alive (we will be commemorating her second death anniversary on the 18th of this month). They remained untouched. Shaking off the sadness which was about to overwhelm me, I directed my attention to her collections of paintings which included four of her own works.






She’s painting, so feminine…so very Sheila
1 of she's three small framed works displayed in the dining area
One of She’s three small framed works displayed in the dining area
second framed painting
Second small framed painting
Third framed work
I smiled. Her love for paintings and her natural gift for arts are  something which are difficult to equal. I wonder if there is already a taker on the challenge. 

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