we hop but we ain’t bunnies!

for those who took time to check my blog last november 1 for the “very interesting adventure”, thank you very much but please accept my apology for delivering none. 

you see, my family opted to spend all saints’ day (since we did an early visit to the cemetery as relayed at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/10/31/birthday-and-bizarreness/)  by watching the movie “thor: the dark world” at festival mall. 

knight, patiently waiting for the mall to open at 12 noon...haha
knight, patiently waiting for the mall to open at 12 noon…haha

passing the time with his "idol"
passing the time with his “idol”

posing and thanking our movie sponsor :-)
posing and thanking our movie sponsor 🙂

the five tickets!
the five ticket stubs!

a form of entertainment which we seldom turn to, watching a movie would still be fun to us despite reacting to the price for one film alone. you can’t blame my husband and me if we recalled movie watching in the old days when one could watch two movies (aka double showing) repeatedly from the time the cinema opened until it closed for an affordable amount. well, i think it was because of my incessant chatter about this difference and the jaw dropping visual effects of the film that i failed to redirect my mood in writing that sequel. (excuses, excuses, excuses…hahaha)
now, let me atone for it by having these double offerings. i am done with the first: on “thor”. this time, let’s have the “adventure” which was started by our going to sm city, sucat, paranaque last november 30, which coincidentally was the original schedule of our movie date. however, the series of events that followed did not allow it.
after spending the morning in our little garden by giving it a new look, we left our residence around 12:30 p.m. minus our lunch, our husband inquired where we would have it. two suggestions cropped up and none was approved of. well, they did not come from me. 🙂 what i blurted out when we exited daang hari was surprisingly approved by all. this was the district mall in imus, cavite
image source: http://ayala360.net/mall/18/The%20District
image source: http://ayala360.net/mall/18/The%20District
this is marked as the second mall we entered for the first time after sm city last thursday. 
constructed by ayala malls, inc, the district brought elegance and class to this part of south luzon. its interior has the trademark of high-end establishments. what made me enjoy our exploration of this mall was our chancing upon the trick or treating activity dubbed as “hallow-sweet fun day”. 








the sight of the kids in colorful costumes made me forget my hunger and leave my companions for a while as i followed the different characters and lost myself in wonderlandia! no wonder, when i finally returned to my husband and sons, i got the big boss’s “scolding” which i deserved. 


knight’s lucky day at nike park, late lunch, and joining the looooooooong queue (or is it the bandwagon?) at j.co donuts as “pasalubong” over, we reached my parents-in-law’s place at around 5:30 p.m. just in time for all the crickets and night creatures producing enigmatic melodies. we could have stayed longer, but larry was not comfortable driving late on the road. 

three genrations
three generations

advance gines reunion photo
advance gines reunion photo

then, the call of our grumbling stomachs had to be addressed when we neared dasmarinas city where robinson’s place is located. being along our way, i got the nod of my four men to have our dinner in this third mall which we would also enter for the first time. i was positive we would find the diner which would silence our tummies. 
image source: ed adong at http://www.panoramio.com/photo/59372282
but, surprisingly none appealed to us. frankly, the whole mall was a big letdown. or perhaps, i was just so attuned to robinson’s place malate’s ambiance that i repelled from what i saw inside. with the available wide space, each level seemed crowded and untidy because of  the different stalls spread out. the list of restos to choose from was even limited. i quickly compared it to the aura of the district. it became inferior. silently, we all exited the building and returned to the road. 
what caught our stomachs…er, our eyes was the newly built spacious save more branch at central mall in dasmarinas city.
image source: https://foursquare.com/
image source: https://foursquare.com/
the mang inasal signage beaconed us to stop and find out what other fresh finds we could discover in this fourth and last business establishment that we went to for the first time. but alas! our family also moved out quickly from this diner which pioneered offering unlimited rice to the public since it would take long for them to prepare our chosen dish. obviously, our hunger and consternation were the reasons why our enthusiasm to go around that mall fizzled out. hopping in again in our vehicle, we found ourselves going back to the district and finally settling at mann hann for our dinner. whew! 

image source: https://foursquare.com
image source: https://foursquare.com

image source: https://foursquare.com
image source: https://foursquare.com

our last stopover, it turned us into horses. neeeiiiaaaahahahaha!!!
and there my patient readers is the adventure of the hare family (aka the gineses). 


and we live happily ever after. 



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