dart attack

general housecleaning would often rejoin me with items which made me thankful that i was not afflicted with compulsive hoarding disorder in spite of undergoing difficulties in discarding them.

deep inside me, i know that i would dispose of them when the right time comes. well, the dejunking (read post at https://wanderingjouster.com/2013/10/24/road-trip-1/) that we did last october 21 was verdict hour to give up a lot of objects except for some. these two included. 



both given by larry when we were just starting our formal romantic relationship, these completed my dart supplies (he first gifted me a set of 20-gram harrows dart pins which are presently missing…waaaaa!) and gave me no reason to learn his sport patiently. knowing that i was not very keen about sports which involve handling equipment (i.e., archery, table tennis, lawn tennis, etc.), i still gave it a shot to show my appreciation for his thoughtfulness.
yup. i did try. i also hit the cherry for a few times (the concrete wall a lot! hahahaha), i scored, but i would never have the making of another phil taylor or  eric bristow. for larry, it was a different story. he had proven that he possesses the skills needed in this game. 





sadly, he has not been joining darts competition especially when he took a nine-year break from his overseas work after our wedding in 1997. it turned into a regular pasttime though when we had our residence in manila since he mounted the dart board on the wall. i would play the dart game of 501 with him, but would surrender half-way toward the end either because of boredom or embarrassment. 
now, with the molds that had already gathered in the dartboard, you would conclude that it had not been used. you’re right. for the past three years after transferring to las pinas city, it has just been stored in the sink cabinet together with the score board. i was the one who actually found them in their own “store room”. seeing them brought a wide smile to me. these objects bore priceless sentimental value.
when i showed them to my husband, i encouraged him to introduce this game to his friends once he returned to his work in jubail, ksa so that they would have another outlet. then later on, he could organize a friendly tournament among them. 
as of this writing, larry is back to his job. i wonder if he would heed my suggestion. if he would, perhaps i would again receive article clippings and a call from him before and after his game to deliver the good news. 



and as for rekindling my aborted interest, i must first find my 17-year old dart pins and teach myself the coolness, discipline, consistency, and focus which made larry into a champion. 



his framed collection of dart flights and dart shafts with his first set of dart pins and his medal for hitting three straight bullseye
his framed collection (courtesy of yours truly) of dart flights and dart shafts with his first set of dart pins and his medal for hitting three straight bullseye


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