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zero coercion. nil. nada. 

this was a fact which did not make me feel guilty when my son alexander ran with me at the FAB (family and barkada) run on october 19, saturday. his running in this evening race was by his own volition and worked in my favor. aside from immediately getting the nod (and of course the fund!) of my husband, it also gave me the chance to finally shake my muscles again which have been in rest mode for more than a month now. it was the kick i needed to get back to running after taking a break by choice. 
so despite having to commute in going to evia ground at daang reyna because my husband and youngest son used the car in going home to cavite for the meeting about the annual gines clan family reunion, we did not find any reason to complain. the trip was not inconvenient since there were available shuttle vans near honda motors which i am very familiar with. for php 20.00 per passenger, i was confident my hazy sense of direction would not have its attack when the vehicle left zapote-alabang. the venue of the run was my “territory”. 
xandie and i arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled gun start. our strides were quick the moment we alighted from the toyota hi-ace. but upon seeing that the start banner was just being set up, i slowed down. my assessment that the race was not yet ready to begin was confirmed when i saw that the cycling hub was still buzzing with runners who were on queue while their race numbers were being manually written by marshals using a pilot black marker instead of the advertised henna. 
image source:
image source:
we followed the line and had ours printed on our arm. cool. i told myself. i liked the sight of my bib number on my skin. it was a first. it looked as if i were a triathlete. hahahaha. 🙂 🙂 

2013-10-19 16.52.44-1


we left the area and i exchanged pleasantries with rommel corro who would be running with his son and daughter, both co-varsitarian of my son in san beda college alabang high school.
rommel and raphael (image source:
rommel and raphael (image source:
standing right, rachel corro (image source:
standing right, rachel corro (image source:
secretly, i had to be thankful to rommel’s children because if not for them, it might not be that easy inviting xandie to join this registered run which actually served as his official running debut (the free alaska run i had with him in february 2011 was only a test run and i did force him and his twin brother to join me). their presence in the run became a source of confidence and motivation for xandie. i wonder though if he were feeling a little competitive. hmmmm… if he were, it was a positive sign for him to aim for something. 🙂 
the waiting actually lasted for more than 30 minutes. i realized, when races are organized by religious groups, one had to expect the injection of charismatic pre-race activities. the short program had the participants listening and clapping to praise and worship songs by members of God’s Wind. 
image source:
i joined, but not xandie … couldn’t force him 🙂 (image source:
young runners joining in the singing (image source:
young runners joining in the singing (image source:
well, i am not religious but i always acknowledge the supreme power of the Lord over anything that i do, so i clapped, raised my hands and responded energetically to those who were on stage. it diverted my attention from feeling any negativity. thus, when the race director finished his instructions to the exemplar runners (the corros were among those who took the challenge! bravo to this very athletic family!), my curiosity started building up. yes, i was curious on how i would be performing in this 5-k run with obstacles to the finish line. 
we were released by waves and our mother-son tandem belonged to wave B. there were only  a handful of us which increased my curiosity on who would first reach the finish line in our group. the loud countdown stopped the next question i was about to formulate as i silently welcomed myself again to running only to find out that my son had sped up and left me behind! darn it! i thought he told me that we would run side by side? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! with his speed, i could not any more recognize him as he was devoured by darkness in the whole stretch of daang reyna. i wanted to run after him, but faced this reality: “mau, your spirit is willing, but your body is weak.” 🙂 🙂  
image source:
image source:
image source:
image source:
early halloween night running? (image source:
early halloween night running? awooooooooooo! (image source:
now as i continued running, i was no longer surprised to suffer from air puffing and muscle tiredness. i was shaking my head as i remembered my 30-minute continuous run in my first ultra marathon. how i wish there would be a repeat that time! as expected, there was none. the consequence of not running regularly had myself to blame. mea culpa! i, me, and myself! no one else. well, i did not spend much time scolding myself since my son was still nowhere in sight after i had finished the 2.5 kilometers. i stayed optimistic though that nothing happened to him because he was already well-trained for the 5-k distance. what i was just thinking was his hydrating himself along the way because we did not bring any and the danger he might encounter in the dark. you see, without the lighted street lamps, i would not be startled seeing a floating lady in white popping up in front of me. awooooooooooo! it was an early halloween night run for me. 
i heaved a sigh of relief when i saw his familiar gait coming from the opposite direction. i immediately saw the bottle of energy drink he was holding.  before i could say something, he told me, “antayin na lang po kita sa finish line!” (i will just wait for you at the finish line!)
hahahahahahaha. really funny. there i was, a newly “certified” ultra marathoner almost two months ago, being told by a newbie (who happened to be my very own son) that he would be waiting for me.  he could have told me straight to my face: “eat my dust, mother!” grrrrrrr… why did he have to remind me that i am older and experienced but slower than he is? 🙂 
anyway, i was actually smiling when i heard him say that. if that’s the way his generation expresses sweetness, i would forgive him. and yes i did absolve him and totally forgot all about this slight rubbing-off-of-my-self-esteem liner when he told me that he was the very first one from our wave who crossed the finish line and it was announced in the microphone. woo ha! my alexander the great turned out to be just like his namesake – a conqueror. he made me proud. 
and while he was already enjoying the cool breeze at evia grounds, i was still finishing the different obstacles which i enjoyed and partly lessened my regret of not making it to the urbanathlon last september 29. 😦 at least, i had a little taste of these urban booby traps which made me cap this 5-k event in 42 minutes. 
tire FAB
the tires (image source:
the wall FAB run
the 4-feet and the 10-feet wall (image source:
slide FAB
the improvised giant slide made of linoleum (image source:
fire jump FAB run
fire jump (image source:
maze FAB
the maze (image source:
xandie was ready with his high five for me. and yes, he literally waited for me at the finish line. sooooooooo sweet! i could have hugged him, but knowing his aversion to PDA (public display of affection) between a mother and a teenager son (ha-ha!), i just held his arm and complimented him for his fast pace. then came another query : “nagawa mo po yung dalawang wall?” (were you able to do the two walls?) my affirmative answer made him smile and say, “buti naman.” (that’s good.) i told him the 10-feet wall climb was the most challenging and i liked it. hehehe. and i believe he did, too.
alexander FAB run 4
(image source:
(image source:
(image source:
(image source:
(image source:
(image source:
(image source:
the text message from my husband informing us that they were already parked at the gasoline station near the venue came perfectly. after getting the simple loot bag, we had our souvenir shot taken to formally seal our mother and son running partnership. 
sealing a mother-son running duo
documenting our mother-son running partnership
when we left the activity center where the fair and concert would take place after the run, i asked my new running buddy if he would already be ready to do a 10-k. a lover of challenges just like me, my son’s ‘YES’ had me feeling excited to go home and look for the next run where he would be spreading his wings wider.
di's fire jump
xandie’s fire jump (image source:


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