The Royal Gines’s Dog Whisperer: Back in Action

Finally, what seemed to be reclusion perpetua to our pet dogs has ended!

The presence of Larry, the Cesar Millan of our house, became analogous to granting Leone, Biggs, and Sultan (in order of going out of our gate) reclusion temporal as they get to enjoy again the liberty outside our private premises after a year. Yes, their “wish” of seeing other canines and human beings had come true even if they would discover that this would be an annual parole which only my husband could award.  






In the absence of my husband, I would not dare walk our three dogs, one after the other, around the village for fear that I would not be able to control them even for a few minutes. Frankly, I do not have the making of a  dog whisperer even if I love hounds. 
with Sultan, our very first dog, in 2010



You see, our three pet dogs don’t know the meaning of the word “peace.” Each of them takes pride of his breed (even sultan, an “askal” or street dog), thus my experience every time they staged a world war against each other would put me in a very stressful condition.
For two days now, our three male dogs have been savoring the sight and smell of different creations outside their own territory. And for the second time, I stood as my husband’s trying hard assistant. Ha-ha! 


Biggs was the one given to me because I had partly tamed this cross-bred Japanese Spitz. I was able to build his trust through regular physical contact. I would often spend more time bathing him which gave me the chance to make him be familiar with my touches and presence near his area. 
Anyway, I was amazed with my husband’s innate skill as he made our three dogs follow him with just one command. It was a job which he did with no sweat at all. Ever a calm guy, I saw that he was able to channel his composure to our pets unlike me who would subconsciously give orders in a militaristic way most of the time. 







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